This Is the Article Central High School Doesn’t Want You To Read

A few weeks ago, Central High School student Michael Moroz wrote a piece for the student newspaper. It was part of a series on “Black Lives Matter”. One student wrote a piece supportive of Black Lives Matter, while Michael wrote a piece that was critical. Both articles were approved by a member of the faculty prior to publication. This is a PDF of both articles.

Michael’s pieceΒ created a firestorm of controversy at his school with the both the faculty and students. Since writing it, MichaelΒ has been subject to death threats and harassment. Others have called on the University of Pennsylvania to revoke Michael’sΒ admission. All because they felt his view wasn’t the “right” one.

Yes, you read that right – there are people who want to destroy the life of a 17 year old young man because he has an opinion different than theirs.

Further, Central High School initially removed Michael’s article without removing the article supportive of Black Lives Matter. Then both articles were removed.Β Timothy McKenna, Central’s president β€” the school’s principal also serves as its president β€” admittedΒ Tuesday that in hindsight, both pieces should have been removed simultaneously.

While Central High SchoolΒ might support censorship, Philly Law Blog does not. This is the article that Central High School doesn’t want you to read.

By: Michael Moroz


If anyone wants to see a case study of the puerile politically correct campus culture that pervades modern colleges, they need only look at the incredible overreaction at the University of Missouri. Over a period of months, a few terrible occurrences were recorded at Mizzou β€” a black student was the recipient of racial slurs from unidentified individuals, and a swastika was written in feces.

These events spurred massive protests calling for president Tim Wolfe’s resignation. (In case readers are missing a causative link, it doesn’t exist unless Tim Wolfe draws fecal swastikas in his spare time.) We can trace these protests ultimately to the events in Ferguson, where Darren Wilson, a white cop, shot Michael Brown.

There are, of course, a few problems with this underlying cause. First of all, Saint Michael of the Gentle Giantedness (all credit to Ben Shapiro for that particular epithet) was a delinquent who robbed a convenience store, manhandling the store owner in the process. Wilson then approachedΒ him on these grounds, to which Brown responded by attempting to grab the officer’s gun and fight him.

In case there is still doubt that Brown was, at worst, justifiably killed, and at best, a thug, the grand jury cleared Wilson of any wrongdoing. Further, President Obama’s Department of Justice could not find any civil rights violations in the case, and it definitively proved that the common β€œHands up, don’t shoot!” moniker had no basis in fact. More broadly, the students issue several suspect claims about American society, and such claims deserve their own columns to be refuted. The claim that police officers generally kill black people indiscriminately, for example, is nonsense. If one adjusts for the significantly higher murder rates of black people, there’s actually a slightly higher cop homicide rate for white people. In St. Louis, whose police department has been pushed to take over Ferguson’s, studies have shown that black and white officers shoot suspects at the same rate, suggesting no evident racial disparity.

There’s one place where one can certainly and inarguably find discrimination,Β though β€” the nonsensical demands of the student groups at Mizzou and elsewhere. The students formally demanded racial diversity classes (this is college, folks) and for the percentage of black staff and faculty to be increased to 10% (higher than the black student population at Mizzou, by the way). I was under the impression that colleges should hire professors based on qualifications alone, not skin color. Oberlin College’s black student group brilliantly fit into their demands divestment from Israel β€” insofar as these activists write absurdities, they might as well include vaguely anti-semitic ones, too.

When supporting facts don’t exist, the activists invent them, of course. Jonathan Butler, a student at Mizzou, went on a hunger strike after blatantly lying about being hit by Tim Wolfe’s car; he stepped in front of the car, and it’s on video for anyone to watch. The appropriate response to this nonsense should’ve been β€” starve. These activists have not heeded the Michael Brown ruling, nor will they accept any of the aforementioned claims about the justice system as even debatable. The campus left doesn’t engage in debate; it engages in hunger strikes and sit-ins instead.

If you want to hear how the fallout from writing this has affected Michael, this is an interview we did on the Rich Zeoli Show.

If you want to help Michael out, this is a GoFundMe setup by Central High parent Jesse Gardner, a friend of mine and the founder of Unsung Heroes. As I myself have learned over the years, free speech has a price.

4 Responses to This Is the Article Central High School Doesn’t Want You To Read

  1. wishiknewdc says:

    Wow. Good post.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Breitbart is complaining about harassment? The hypocrisy is predictable. It is also predictable that cuntservatives ignore the DOJ report which found widespread bias and racism. The kid’s essay was insulting and dismissive.Then he says he wants a debate. He also says divestment from Israel is anti-Semitic and doesn’t explain it. Now he is crying to his Mom and his lawyer like a privileged little bitch.

    • I was originally going to delete this comment because it’s intellectually worthless.

      However, I’ve decided to let it stand in order to illustrate just how Michael’s critics are addressing his opinion. Rather than logical commentary, they’re saying their feelings were hurt, and therefore it’s okay for them to spew profanity and hate at a 17 year old.

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