I’m a special snowflake! (along with ~10 million other people)

February 12, 2013


Do people used LinkedIn?Β I’m curious, because I don’t.

Now, if my math is right,* apparently 9,999,999 other people got this super special exclusive award.

I only assume fame and fortune will follow this special recognition. See you on my private island in theΒ Caribbean.

*[edβ€” Showing my work: (200,000,000 x .05) – 1 = 9,999,999.]

Search Term of the Day: Legal Marketing Edition (Now, with memes!)

February 6, 2013

Every once in a while, I peruse what terms people use to find our blog. Occasionally it’s informative. Often, it’s hilarious. Sometimes it’s sad.

Well, today, someone found our blog using a search term that made me feel a way I can express best through a meme:

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Developers and RCOs Take Heed: the Zoning Code Changes on March 25, 2013 β€” Bill No. 120889

February 6, 2013
"New" is all relative anyway.

“New” is all relative anyway.

Get ready for some changes in the New Zoning Code.

On January 24, 2013, Philadelphia City Council overrided Mayor Nutter’s veto and voted Bill No. 120889Β into place. The Bill goes into effect on March 25, 2013.Β And just last night, we received a fact sheet from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission that displays theΒ majorΒ changes, which mainly affect developers and Registered CommunityΒ Organizations.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re a developer or on the board of aΒ RCO, you have some new rules to follow, and probably some more work to do. Here’s a quick greatest hits.

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