This Actually Happened In a Real Court

November 19, 2019

On October 7 and 8, 2019, a debtor named Steven Rosenblum testified at a trial where his father Allan Rosenblum and Michelle Zarro, the sister of his children’s mother, was accused of claiming fraudulent ownership of 2 gyms owned by Steven in violation of section 5105(a) of the Pennsylvania Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act. The Fraudulent Transfer action was filed by a creditor of Steven Rosenblum’s after Steven declared bankruptcy and sought to have a $76,800.00 judgment owed to the creditor discharged in the bankruptcy. The basis of the Fraudulent Transfer action was that Allan Rosenblum and Michelle Zarro claimed fraudulent ownership over the gyms in question to prevent Steven’s creditors from seizing and selling them to collect on the debts they were owed. The bankruptcy in question, was filed on December 11, 2014, just days prior to a contempt hearing that was scheduled to determine whether or not 

Steven would be held in contempt for refusing to turn over financial discovery requested by his creditor in the underlying judgment. However, the automatic stay instituted by the bankruptcy petition allowed Steven to avoid having to appear at that hearing. The Fraudulent Transfer trial took place in the Bucks County Court of Common Pleas before Chester County Judge Robert Shenkin. Shenkin was brought in from Chester County to preside over the matter on account of the creditor/plaintiff in this matter filing a Motion for Change of Venue and a Motion for Recusal that accused Bucks County Judge Robert Mellon of misconduct. The Motion for Change of Venue brought up the fact that Andrew Weintraub, the brother of Matthew Weintraub, shared a flyer for a boxing event on his Facebook page stating that it was being promoted by his friend Steven Rosenblum and encouraging people to come out and check out the event. It is notable, that this boxing promotion was also not listed as an asset in Steven Rosenblum’s bankruptcy paperwork. 

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