The Feminist Inquisition of Heretic RooshV

August 16, 2015

Earlier in the week, I learned that something was brewing up north. RooshVΒ said some stuff that made people upset, so they decided to try and kick him out of Canada, untruthfully brand him a rapist, throw a beer in his face, and then brag about the whole thing on the internet. They even posted a video of the assault on the internet.

As you might imagine, the people responsible for this unlawful mob justice behavior promptly went to jail.

Just kidding.

The Canadian government not only failed to press charges against the assailants, butΒ some government officialsΒ actually joined in protests againstΒ Roosh.

This weekend I flew up to Toronto to get a closer look (and eat poutine). I even attended an “anti-rape / pro consent” rally to figure out what this is all about.

After spending the weekend in Toronto, I’ve had an opportunity to put my thoughts together.

Flying the Banner of Rape – How Feminism Went From Promoting Equality to Becoming aΒ Cult Religion

Rape is a terrible thing. Understandably, theΒ word and the concept triggers deep emotions in many, especially those who are rape victims.Β  Read the rest of this entry »

RooshV Wins Battle for Free Speech in Montreal; Also Gets Defamed and Assaulted

August 9, 2015

badb65c2868bc2a60c9bdd0ff56be419There is a new threat to freedom of speech around the world. On the internet, they’re called “social justice warriors.” “SJWs” areΒ basicallyΒ a loose group of left wing activists who take offense to everything anyoneΒ says. They thrive on outrage, no matter how silly.

TheseΒ are the people who just finishedΒ college. You know, the kids weΒ all try and avoidΒ interacting with, because doing so will result inΒ having stupid conversations about the dangers of heteronormative cisgendered privilege. WhileΒ I find it just absolutely fascinating that you have a mastersΒ degree in gender studies, use big words I don’t understand, and work at Starbucks, can’t we just talk about sports or something fun? In years past, they wereΒ nothing more thanΒ a minor annoyance.

But latelyΒ it’s gotten a bit more, shall we say, real.Β Disagree with a political position? That’s “harassment” and “hate speech.” Suggest that men and women are equally responsible for their sexual endeavors? That’s “misogyny” and promotion ofΒ “rape culture.” SJWs fabricate assaults, death threats, rape threats, and all kinds of other crazy stuff to try and turn internet flame wars into real life.Β Social Justice Warriors are trying to ban speech of anyone who disagrees with their opinions, manipulatingΒ the concepts of “harassment”, “safety”, and “hate speech.” At the same time, they make actual physical threats against the people they disagree with, but apparently it’s okay because the SJWs think they’re right and it’s justified. Just look at what they tried to do to Mike CernovichΒ over an internet flame war.

As PDQ puts it: “SJWs turn to the same identity politics that they espouse to despise on its head and use it in ironic fashion to silence critics based on their identity: sex, gender, age, religion and sexual-orientation. Β It’s easier to shut down a critic with β€œWTF DO U KNOW UR WHITE” than it is to have an NPR-style thoughtful exchange. Β In the brevity of Twitter, SJWs have created a social-support system for each other against critics, which conjures up the new suffix β€œ-splain”. Β  #Whitesplaining. Β #Mansplaining. Β #Cissplaining.”

Even a college professor admits that “[t]hings have changed since I started teaching. The vibe is different. I wish there were a less blunt way to put this, but my students sometimes scare me β€” particularly the liberal ones. …Β This shift in student-teacher dynamic placed many of the traditional goals of higher education β€” such as having students challenge their beliefs β€” off limits.”

The goal of SJWs is to silence anyone who disagrees with them or challenges their beliefs, through any means necessary.

In 2015, the internet is serious business.

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