I am moving from 2424 Studios (aka I am tired of paying for an office I don’t use).

February 3, 2021

Effective February 10, I am vacating my office space at 2424 E. York Street. I have been there since 2010, essentially since the building re-opened as an office space. Considering I have been treating it as a glorified mail drop for the last year, it just makes sense that I move my office home.

This is bittersweet.

The 2424 Studios Building was formerly known as Jacob Holtz (I think they moved to another spot in Philly years ago).

Before that, it was H.W. Butterworth & Sons. My grandfather worked there in his first job out of high school back in the late 30s and early 40s as a machinist. At the time, he was living somewhere on Emerald Street, up in Kensingtonβ€”maybe the 3000 block? I can’t remember.

I have his certificate from the Superintendent of Philadelphia Schools and Mr Butterworth himself framed on my office wall. I am probably going to leave that on permanent loan with the building, as they have been assembling a collection of pieces on the building’s history.

This is my grandfather, top row, second from the left. He is maybe 19 in this photo? Man, 30s workwear looks badass.

Here are some other images of his colleagues/co-workers in and around the building. I have no idea who they are.

My grandfather died a few years ago, but before he did, I was able to take him on a tour of the building, where he explained to me where all the various gears and other machinery was way back when. It was neat.

I have many memories here too. It’s where I opened my solo practice in 2010, squatted in another lawyer’s office while I got started, met my law partner, divorced my law partner, and have been otherwise situated for years. I got my first tattoo there from True Hand Society (who have since also moved to an old church around the corner, which you absolutely must visit of you ever get to Fishtown), and made a lot of friends in the building. It was essential in developing my early law practice.

But times change, and I don’t need it anymore (sorry, Brian Tannebaum). Maybe one day I’ll have an office again, but for now, it’s me, at my desk at home, on my computer, with the two most useless assistants ever because 1) they don’t speak english; 2) they lack opposable thumbs; 3) they always seem to bark during important calls; and 4) they sometimes pee in the house (but really, who hasn’t?).

It’s been fun, 2424. May the next tenant of Unit 111 be as rad as I was (spoiler alert: they won’t be).