RooshV And His Family Get Lynched By the Social Justice Mob

badb65c2868bc2a60c9bdd0ff56be419Rape is currently a hot button issue. There are those who argue that a “rape culture” has been created across the United States, and that our women are in danger everywhere.Β On the other hand,Β there are bloggers like Scott Greenfield who have suggested that there is a difference between rape and regret.

We draw a fine legal line when it comes to the definition of consensual sex and due process. As Scott Greenfield put it, “[t]he law requires reason, or it fails to sustain its legitimacy.”

Lately there is a disturbing trend that “feelings” are actuallyΒ legitimate legal arguments.Β Naturally, debates on rape conjure a lot of feelings.

So as you might a imagine, manyΒ people became extremely upset at the news RooshV was hostingΒ “legalize rape rallies” all over the country last week.Β According to various media outlets:

Pro-rape campaigner Roosh V forced to cancel UK ‘anti-feminist’ meetings amid safety fears

‘Pro-rape’ pick-up artist Roosh V is mobilising British men. Here’s why you shouldn’t care

‘Roosh V’ cancels worldwide meetups after rape concerns emerge

Not so cool now! Pro-rape pick-up artist pictured in a sweat-stained T-shirt at the door of his mother’s home (where he lives in the BASEMENT!)

Pro-Rape Rally Cancelled After Women’s Boxing Club Fights Back

‘Pro-rape’ rally in Homewood cancelled; police still monitoring in case

Counter-protests were organized in order to combat these rallies, and to shame the men who would participate in them. Police were said to be monitoring these events.

At the height of things, Roosh’s critics posted his mom’s address online.


The Daily Mail even published an article laughing about the incident, complete with pictures of his mom’s house.

Just one problem…

Roosh didn’t actually try and hold “pro-rape” rallies.Β According to Snopes, itΒ was complete and total BS. Roosh merely scheduledΒ meetups across the country for people who read his website Return of KingsΒ to drink a few beers.

That was all the media hoopla? A bunch of dudes who read a website getting together for a few beers? How did that turn into Roosh is holding “legalize rape rallies?”

Well, thisΒ is RooshV. HeΒ says a lot of things that people don’t like. He has hurt a lot of feelings. Because of that, the media really, really, really doesn’t like him. Jezebel called even him “the worst person we’ve ever encountered.”

Perhaps most offensively,Β years ago Roosh wrote a satirical piece about legalizing rape in private spaces. He was making a tongue in cheek point about exercising personal responsibility. I can understand why people thought it was offensive.

Is Roosh actuallyΒ in favor of legalizing rape? According to his website:

Q: β€œWhy do you want to legalize rape?”

I don’t. Legalizing rape is a notion so insanely absurd I never imagined that people would take it 100% seriously, including politicians. I don’t believe any form of physical violence against men or women should be legalized. I’ve said that β€œHow To Stop Rape” was a satirical thought experiment so many times that it’s clear to me current misinterpretation of it by the media is deliberate.

So how did the entire media get it soΒ wrong?Β And what happened as a result?

RooshΒ was met with death threats, harassment,Β he wasΒ forced to leave Washington D.C., and now he has to travel with bodyguards.Β The media incited a social justice lynch mob against someone they don’t like.

We’re crossing a dangerous line of social justice mob rule when it comes to speech that deemedΒ as not politicallyΒ correct.

It’s one thing to advocate for stronger rape laws and to try and reduce domestic violence. It’s an entirely different thing to try and destroy a person whose viewpoints are contrary to your own. However, that seems to be the recent goals of “social justice.”

I suspect Roosh will now think twice about his mother’s safety before saying something that might upset his critics.

IsΒ that really what we want? To silence people who say the “wrong” things with threats against their families?

Is thisΒ what it now means to advocate for “social justice?”

[Editor’s Note]: Trigger warning. Roosh addresses the media and expresses some opinions you might disagree with.

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