Big Business’ Attack on “Hot Coffee”.

Big Business’ Attack on “Hot Coffee”.

Check out this post on Main Street Law Blog.Β Nicole Β L. Augenti pens a great piece aboutΒ Hot CoffeeΒ and the “tort reform” myth. Read: “big business wants to close courthouse doors for YOU, while retaining all rights for THEMSELVES”.

Note: the Chamber of Commerce (which is not a government institution, but a big business lobbying group) is now running paid ads on Facebook for their idiotic website “Hot Coffee Truth”. Go find it on Facebook and click it a few hundred times to run up their ad bill, but don’t waste your time watching their tripe. It’s also the top paid Google Adwords result when one searches “hot coffee movie” on Google.

Read more about the hypocracy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce here.Β (note: that’s a link to the American Association for Justice, a national plaintiff attorneys’ association. They have an angle, but it’s a good one, and I think you’ll be sickened once you read about the Chamber’s dirty tricks).

3 Responses to Big Business’ Attack on “Hot Coffee”.

  1. Rob Switzer says:

    Thanks for speaking out about this. The frivolous lawsuit myth is so common these days, and people always bring up the “hot coffee” suit as an example. I’ve found one response to be particularly effective: I ask them that if that lawsuit was frivolous, why did a JURY grant such a large award? That’s community justice; that’s democracy. If a jury can listen to a trial and award a large verdict, isn’t that the opposite of a frivolous lawsuit, by definition? The Chamber has somehow got a majority of the population to turn their brains off.

  2. David Ward says:

    Great article! Rob I totally agree with you. We point out the myth of tort reform and ATRA’s work to deny the everyday citizen justice in Pennsylvania. Please read our report, “Justice for Philadelphia Courts” on our website, – David Ward, Taking Back Our Courts, Keystone Progress

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