A Declaration of War: Junk Cars, 215-740-6116

Yesterday my wife and I took a drive to Target on Aramingo Avenue. To my shock and dismay, every single telephone pole (on both sides of the street) had been plastered with bandit signs, directing people to callΒ Β 215-740-6116 to sell their junk cars. Yes, just one week after the Spring Clean Up, someone thought it would be appropriate to plaster all of Fishtown, ORCA, and Port Richmond in horrible bandit signs.

I had some time on Saturday morning, so I removed every single one of the bandit signs in ORCA myself, between York and Lehigh. It didn’t take long. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do all of Port Richmond myself.

In my view, this isΒ retaliationΒ for the Spring Clean Up. Someone was mad we took down all their bandit signs. They struck back by plastering our neighborhood with their signs. This person wanted to send the message that they will post bandit signs wherever they damn well please. If we don’t like that, tough noogies.

I did an Intellius search, and the number registered to here:

xxxxxx xxxx Ave
Philadelphia, PA xxxxx

([Update] The phone number is registered to someone who who isn’t involved. Not only did Junk Cars Guy trash our neighborhood, but he also stole the identity of one of our neighbors to do it.)

Junk Cars messed with the wrong neighborhoods.

So here is what we’re doing to do… we’re gonna tear them all down. Then we’re going to turn this guy over to the appropriate authorities.



When: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 6:30pm
Where: The Port Richmond K-Mart (3301 Aramingo Ave)
What: The Great Port Richmond Bandit Sign Clean Up
After: We celebrate our great victory at the Port Richmond Pour House (2253 East Clearfield Street) because that bar is the best

During the clean up, I want you to save all the bandit signs you collect. They will then be turned over to the authorities and we will demand action be taken. I collected and saved 70 of them between York and Lehigh. There is supposed to be a $75 fine per bandit sign. We will demand Junk Cars be fined for each bandit sign collected during our clean up.

I will write Mayor Nutter and copy everyone else on my letterhead,Β explainingΒ that we had to assemble a large group of people to clean up Junk Car’s mess. If you are unwilling (which is totally fine!), I’m willing to testify against this guy in a court proceeding. I will let the police and District Attorney know this.

Junk Cars should be ashamed of himself. Deeply ashamed. To borrow a line from Marc Randazza, Junk Cars should emerge from this covered in a thick and sticky coat of humiliation. I will see that he does.

Of course, I don’t know why so many bandit signs were put up in our neighborhood. If you want the answer, you would have to call Junk Cars atΒ 215-740-6116 and ask him yourself.

4 Responses to A Declaration of War: Junk Cars, 215-740-6116

  1. YOU GO JORDAN!!!!! I’ll phone the creep and find out what his gooey M.O. is.

  2. Comments were deleted because I don’t want the person who is the victim of identity theft having his Google results messed with. I also don’t want his fiance’s cell phone number just hanging out on my blog.

    These issues have been resolved. We fill find Junk Car Guy. He will be prosecuted.

  3. Lisa Finnerty says:

    Thanks for the update Jordan. Looking forward to helping tonight and bringing this creep down!

  4. So did he just put someone else’s number on the sign? Didn’t he have to answer the phone for it to work?

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