Developer Vincent Dispoto Threatens Defamation Lawsuit Against Poster

July 12, 2012

Some of you know our neighborhood message board,

TodayΒ Vincent R. Dispoto, Jr., a member of Dispoto Realty LLC, threatened a lawsuitΒ against a poster called “Kenzo” in connection with his blog, Philadeliquency.Β Mr. Dispoto is a developerΒ proposing a nightclub at 2644-58 E Huntingdon Street. The proposal has generated some criticism because it involvesΒ servingΒ take out malt liquor.

Kenzo had been critical of Dispoto’s proposal on the Philadeliquency blog, and pointed out that Mr.Β Dispoto was a defendant in the matter ofΒ State v. Dispoto, 189 N.J. 108 (N.J. 2007).

The Fishtown Lawyers, counsel for Philadeliquency, have responded.

A .PDF copy of our letterΒ is here.