Should I Start a Law Practice? (Redux)β€”Retrospective, Dec. 31, 2014

December 31, 2014
The Author with an Author

Sometimes real lawyers agree to slum it with the likes of me.

The practice of law is about relationships“.
-MeΒ (And Brian Tannebaum, and probably plenty of other people much smarter than I am).

About two and a half yearsΒ ago, Jordan wrote a post called “Should I Start a Law Practice?” It remains one of our most-viewed articles on this blog. Because it’s the end of the year, Β rather than being creative and thinking of a new and exciting topic, I decided, now concluding my fourth year of practice, and having started as a true solo fresh out of law school, to revisit the topic Jordan discussed back in 2012. I’d intended to write this follow-up to his post way back then, but simply never got around to it.

My perspective is different that Jordan’sβ€”partly because I graduated in 2010, when the market had tankedβ€”and partly because I did not work at a firm before I hung my shingle.

Here’s my point: You should start a practice if you want to, and if you understand that the practice of law is all about relationshipsβ€”with your colleagues, with your mentors, and with your clients.

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Free Legal Advice of the Day β€” STOP TALKING ON AVVO.

March 26, 2013

Today’s legal pro-tip: If you are a criminal defendant, or a potential criminal defendant β€” SHUT UP.

Don’t talk on the internet, even if you get “free advice” from professionals on the internet. Guess what? DAs read too.

So if you’re a criminal defendant, or a potential criminal defendant, do the following:

  1. Shut up.
  2. Don’t post on about your case on the internet. This means Avvo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Grindr β€” WHATEVER.
  3. Call an attorney immediately.
  4. Did I mention SHUT UP?

Talking on the internet cannot help you. It can, and will, only hurt your case.

You hire a lawyer, you get someone who’ll be the only person between you and a prosecutor gunning for your head.

In the meantime SHUT UP. Free legal advice on the internet is worth what you pay for it. Except this advice. This advice might just save your ass.

h/t Charles Thomas for the link to the Avvo question that inspired this post.

Social Media: New Addendum to Our Engagement Agreement

May 9, 2012

Here’s your free legal advice for the day.

It’s come to my attention that many don’t understand the devastating effects that social media posts can inflict upon a criminal or civil matter. Only today, I saw someone who’s currently involved in litigation post something on Facebook that would make opposing counsel squee with delight.

So I’ve decided to add a Social Media Clause to my engagement agreements. This is still a work in progress, but I hope it gets the point across.


While your case is active, do not use social media.

Don’t. Period. This includes everything from Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, to blogging β€” even if you’re β€œanonymous” or doing so under a pseudonym. We are not joking.

The opposing side will be able to find anything you post and will use it against you. You should pretend that anything you post will end up on the front page of the newspaper. We may fire you as a client if you do not follow this rule.

Finally, don’t ever send us confidential information over social media. Social media is never confidential!Β