The Young Lawyer Chronicles – Perspectives.

June 6, 2012

This is the doorway to my office.

It was just another day in court.

After I served as bench warrant court appointed counsel a month before, I had received an additional five court appointment letters. As I always do when I receive new appointment notices, I fired off letters to my clients:

Jim Client
123 High Street
Philadelphia, PA

Re: I am Your Lawyer in Case 1234•2012, Next Court Date 4/20

Dear Client:

I have been appointed by the court to represent you in this matter. I have enclosed my business card with this letter. Please contact me as soon as you receive this letter. It is important that we meet before your court date to prepare your defense. I look forward you meeting you and serving as your attorney.

Very Truly Yours,

Leo M. Mulvihill, Jr.

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Supreme Court says lawyers must do competent job handling plea bargains. “Isn’t that obvious?” asks every competent defense attorney.

March 21, 2012

These law books are no substitute for zealous advocacy.

Supreme Court says lawyers must do competent job handling plea bargains. “Isn’t that obvious?” asks every competent defense attorney.

I am at once astounded and disgusted that this issue even had to go to SCOTUS.

“The decisions laid out by Kennedy means that criminal defense lawyers are now required to inform their clients of plea bargain offers, regardless of whether they think the client should accept them, and must give their clients good advice on whether to accept a plea bargain at all stages of prosecution. If they don’t, Kennedy said, they will run afoul of the Sixth Amendment right to assistance of counsel during criminal proceedings. ‘The right to counsel is the right to effective assistance of counsel,’ Kennedy said.”

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“Not Guilty”.

February 15, 2012

Thank you, 4chan /b/.

For an accused on trial, there’s got to be a whirlwind of emotion.

I can only imagine the feeling, when after months of continuances and delays, the trial finally happens. You’re called to sit next to your attorney, and you sit and listen as the Commonwealth puts on its case.

You hear police testify against you and tell a story that paints you in the worst possible light.

You’re sitting next to your attorney as he cross-examines witnesses, probing the Commonwealth’s case for weaknesses. You try to get his attention as he argues, but he stops you so he can focus on what the witnesses say.

Finally, you hear him argue the facts and the law as best he can – why the Commonwealth hasn’t proven it’s case against you.

You hear him rest. The District Attorney then responds with his own version of facts and the law as he sees it. The DA rests.

The courtroom is silent for a few moments that must feel like an hour. Tension builds as you await the decision. And then out of the judge’s mouth comes the two words that mean your freedom:

“Not guilty”.

(For the defense attorney, it’s a dammed good feeling too).

Quote of the Day – From the Darkest Pit of Hell Edition.

January 26, 2012

You too can friend me on Facebook.

And you should be ashamed of yourself for even having a supporting agrument on his behalf. If this happened to your daughter I’m sure you be fucking silent right now. So if you have anymore supporting comments for this scumbag and his attorney, you should join them in the darkest pit of hell. Just saying. Prayers and thoughts for the VICTIM AND THERE FAMILY.

– Some guy on Facebook, responding to me defending a defense attorney for defending his client.

I know that guy was trying to insult me, but it really just made my day.