Free Legal Advice of the Day β€” STOP TALKING ON AVVO.

March 26, 2013

Today’s legal pro-tip: If you are a criminal defendant, or a potential criminal defendant β€” SHUT UP.

Don’t talk on the internet, even if you get “free advice” from professionals on the internet. Guess what? DAs read too.

So if you’re a criminal defendant, or a potential criminal defendant, do the following:

  1. Shut up.
  2. Don’t post on about your case on the internet. This means Avvo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, Grindr β€” WHATEVER.
  3. Call an attorney immediately.
  4. Did I mention SHUT UP?

Talking on the internet cannot help you. It can, and will, only hurt your case.

You hire a lawyer, you get someone who’ll be the only person between you and a prosecutor gunning for your head.

In the meantime SHUT UP. Free legal advice on the internet is worth what you pay for it. Except this advice. This advice might just save your ass.

h/t Charles Thomas for the link to the Avvo question that inspired this post.

How Not to Find Clients:

January 23, 2012
Avvo -

"Give legal advice in areas of law that you don't know, in jurisdictions where you don't practice, for FREE! Get points! Look important!"

Received an interesting email in my inbox this morning: a response to my answer to someone’s Avvo question.

I occasionally answer a question or two in Pennsylvania when I feel that I might actually be able to point a person in the right direction, usually something like giving them the number to the local bar referral service, telling them where to go to file a PFA, or recommending that they may want to hire an attorney than ask for free advice on the internet.

Understand that I have no idea what answer this was sent in response to. All grammar and spelling left intact.

Dear Leo M Mulvihill Jr

Like the other guy….
you didnt actually answer the question!!!
but the typical lawyer is really good at being shart and uselsss!

You just responded in the typical zero sum game, knee jerk response
that has become a lawyers cliche

I dont have the time an energy to point out all the things wrong with your response including you ill informed understanding of the situation
Obviously you are not here to help anyone but yourself.
Way to go!!!!

Now that i have returned the favor of being dismissive and
contemptuous ( see how that feels) i can move forward

My point being…. All lawyers are taught not to ask (or anwer) any questions without know the answer first. Did you miss that day in lawschool also!!??!?!!? Why do you guys insist on doing that???
Did it ever occur to you for just a nano second, that I was writing based on speaking with firms on the phone and getting the typical lame ass response that is typical in both the legal and medical community. BTW after 1 in 20 i am getting to the right parties
with three or 4 good matches who are willing to proceed at the state
or federal level

I am a scientist. Scientists as a group deal in the raw data.
Not some lame attempt to spastically guess in some pointless need to gratify our egos!!!!

Now if you have something usefull to add so that the scam artist and thieves actually have battery backup lighting in the stairways
then respond

if not lets save the bits and bytes, so i can do something productive
like stop these people from being documented theives


A client with a personality like this – I bet attorneys are lined up around the block to take his case. Why do I even bother to answer questions?

Note: I have been answering questions on since I was admitted. I used to think it was a helpful way to grow exposure and get client leads. All I’ve gotten so far is vindictive diatribes in emails and people calling me from another jurisdiction asking me for free legal advice. I think it’s time I gave up on Avvo.