Of Murse And Men: Saddleback Large Leather Classic Briefcase v. Medium Thin Briefcase

August 19, 2013

We’ve had a few good months at the firm, so the partners decided to get new briefcases. As a result, Leo is going to do a comprehensive post on Lawyerist next week about briefcases.

Until then, here are some musings about my briefcases…

Last year you might remember that I got a large Saddleback classic coffee brown briefcase. I originally got a medium but returned it for a large after a buddy of mine said it looks like a murse.

Apparently I am not the only one who had this issue (no, I did not make this video):

Given that I am about 5’5, the medium sounded like the best fit from the FAQ. However, my 13 inch Macbook Pro barely fit in the medium bag, let alone legal sized red wells. The medium went back and I exchanged it for a large. The large looks much more proportional in my opinion, even on a short guy like me.

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Of Murse and Men: A Look at the Saddleback Classic Briefcase for Trial Lawyers

March 3, 2013
This is a trial bag for men.

This is a trial bag for men.

Admit it. You’ve seen the Saddleback Classic Leather Briefcase and thought to yourself “That is the coolest briefcase ever.” You want it, but you don’t know if you should shell out $600+ for it.

Well, I finally bit the bullet and got one a few months ago. Here are my musings, followed by the first YouTube video I’ve ever done for Philly Law Blog.

Why Saddleback: I am vicious on everything I own, Suits, ties, electronics, you name it. Anything I own I will destroy. Briefcases and bags in particular. I found myself buying a new bag every year because my old one was beat up so badly that it looked terrible. I wanted a bag that would age well, and that I could beat up without it looking stupid. I also wanted a bag big enough to carry my lawyer stuff if need be, like client files, etc. I was sick of buying new bags, because they are like $70 a piece and don’t look good after six months.

And let’s be honest – Saddleback bags look awesome. They combine rugged durability and style without even trying.

Selecting a Size: The medium bag is too small for a trial lawyer, in my opinion. I initially ordered the medium since I am about the height of an average hobbit. But when I received it, I was a bit disappointed. The proportions seemed off, and it didn’t look like the big rugged bag of awesome I was expecting. My wife remarked “That’s a lot going on for a small bag…”

Then, while out at dinner, my buddy looked at me and said “Dude… nice murse.”

At that point, I knew the medium was going back.

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