Michael Vick, dog fighting, and why you’re probably a hypocrite if you hate the guy because “you’re so against animal cruelty”

September 7, 2012

Torturing animals for fighting = reprehensible. Torturing animals to produce mass quantities of bacon = fine, as long as I don’t think about it.

The name “Michael Vick” seems to conjure up emotions in everyone. For many, the response is “That guy killed, tortured, and mutilated dogs! He’s an awful human being! The worst in the world! How can you forgive him?! I will never root for that guy! Loser.”

You’ve seen the pictures. Mutilated pitbulls that remind you of your own dog. You’ve heard the stories about these dogs being tortured solely for entertainment. It’s awful. Michael Vick is the worst person in the world.

I hear all about it every time I leave my house wearing my Michael Vick jersey.

People, stop pretending. You don’t actually care about animal welfare.

Yes you, the gal who loves her cat or the guy who loves his dog, and thinks Vick is a monster. “What? Me? I love my pets so much, how could anyone hurt a defenseless animals? I would condone such a thing!”

You patronize the same kind of behavior every single day.

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