Should I run my law firm on Apple? (a stupid post Greenfield and Tannebaum will laugh at)

September 9, 2012

A question I get from time to time is “Should I run my law practice on Apple or PC?”

The answer? Like all things, it depends. Our practice is run almost solely in Apple technology.

I preface this with a thought… this is a stupid post. If you’re considering starting a law practice, start here, and maybe read this. The choice to use Apple or PC isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. Whatever direction you choose won’t have all that much of a bearing on your practice. It’s like asking if you prefer to eat eggs for breakfast or cereal. It’s a preference. It won’t win the trial or make you lots of money anymore than your Fruit Loops will. (Actually, your choice of breakfast may have an impact on your effectiveness at trial. Your choice of Apple products, not so much.)

That out of the way, these are my musings about running a law practice on Apple…

The advantages of running your practice on Apple.

1. It just works. Apple has done a fabulous job integrating technology like Dropbox and Google Apps. My calendar, email, and Dropbox is synced seamlessly with my iPhone and my iPad. I can access just about every element of my practice from my phone or iPad. Calendar, client file, you name it. It’s at my fingertips. Acrobat Professional, Dropbox, and Google Apps all feel like they are native to Mac.

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