Follow the Reaper (Shred in Hell, Alexi Laiho)

Alexi Laiho, shredding king and frontman of Children of Bodom, followed the reaper today at 41 years young.

I am crying right now.

As Heavy Devy says, crying is metal. Devy has a good sense of humor. So did Alexi:

I told you so.

I was introduced to COB by a friend when I was maybe 18. We both worked at the Starbucks in Doylestown. I had an unrequited crush on this friend (hi Ellen hope you’re doing well).

They were one of the first groups that I listened to that was in the arena of death metal. They opened me up to the world of death metal with their quick tempo, shredding, and catchy hooks. Some metal dorks shit on them because they have keyboards and are melodic. I hate metal dorks like that.

This band was very important to my journey in becoming “Black Metal Lawyer” and wanting to learn to shred. I still cannot shred nealy 20 years later but I am trying. 2021 goals?

I have not listened to COB in a long time. I am now.

That is why I am crying as I type this.

I only saw them live them once, in 2016. They played at the Electric Factory opening for Megadeth. Suicidal Tendencies also opened. I dragged my partner with me. She is a punk rock chick more than a metalhead, but she is a good sport. (Funny story: she almost got kicked out of that show. “Wait, Leo, how does one almost get kicked out of a death/thrash show?”, you may ask. Remind me to tell you at the next show you see me, once live music resumes again).

Their sound that night was absolutely atrocious, which is common at that venue.

I’m glad I saw them anyway.



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