In Memoriam: A. Jordan Rushie.

For those of you who don’t know, Jordan Rushie died of natural causes at his home in August

He was only 38.

He and I didn’t talk at all the last few years (and frankly probably didn’t really like each other any longer). But that is not the point of this post.

He was my first (read: last) law partner and strongly influenced my early legal career. He definitely marched to the beat of his own drum. I do too. That’s probably why we got along initially. It just turned out our two marches weren’t in sync with one another, and we were each better served marching separately.

Due mainly to his hijinks (I think that is the best word to describe what Jordan did, and I hope that those who knew him agree with me), I now know some stellar lawyers (some of those lawyer are even decent human beings) whom I consider friends and mentors, including the following non-exhaustive list:

1) Scott Greenfield; 2) Brian Tannebaum; 3) Marc Randazza; 4) Elie Mystal; 5) Huma Rashid; 6) Larry Krasner; 7) Paul Hetznecker; 8) Marji Jo Snyder; 9) Jonathan Feinberg.

I am surely forgetting many people who deserve to be listed here; please do not let my forgetfulness be mistaken for a slight.

I was reminded recently by an interaction with one of the lawyers I listed above that it’s important to reach out to your friends and colleagues from time to time. Life is brutally short. Tell someone important to you today that you love them.

You might not be able to tomorrow.

2 Responses to In Memoriam: A. Jordan Rushie.

  1. shg says:


    Brian and I were talking about Jordan the other day, and then out of the blue, I received an email telling me about the tree I had planted in his memory. It’s good to remember and to be remembered.

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