Sometimes, our clients get ridiculous lawsuit threats…

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Sometimes, those ridiculous threats warrant an equally ridiculous response.

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Bagels, anyone?Β [Ed: “Liable Per Se”? What’s that?]

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11 Responses to Sometimes, our clients get ridiculous lawsuit threats…

  1. Mark says:

    In your reply letter, you offer: If Ms. Francis writes Mr. Sawyer and β€œpolitely ask[s] [Mr. Sawyer] to take down the posts, along with two dozen New York bagels,” Mr. Sawyer β€œwill take [down the posts].”

    Although meant as dry humor, you are bound by your offer. I cannot wait for your receipt of two dozen New York bagels – New York bagels as stale or soggy as your humor – because stale, soggy, or fresh, the law requires that you then β€œtake [down the posts].” And who gets the last laugh (hint: not the person munching stale, soggy, or fresh New York bagels).

  2. Jerry says:

    NICE…. You gotta LOVE this stuff …..Can I bring the cream cheese (Philly Cream Cheese of Course) or would you like your Bagels with with LOX cucumbers tomatoes and lettuce but NO onion and Philly Cream Cheeses … OH and what about the New York Cheese Cake for dessert …….. Jerry @ Lawyer Up

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  4. mike says:

    I’m confused. I get that you were trying to be funny, but at the end of the day your client ends up doing something they’re apparently not legally obligated to do… for bagels. Why not money? Money can be used to buy many bagels.

  5. Scott Jacobs says:


    Points to her lawyer for the variation on “govern yourself accordingly”.

    Also, mind if I ask why First Amendment Bad Ass Randazza was CCd?

  6. Well…this is amazing.

  7. mjpospis says:

    Well? Were you bageled or not?

  8. McCann Team says:

    Pretty ridiculous! reminds me of all these celebrity Twitter lawsuits lol

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