In case it’s not perfectly clear…


Get a Warrant β€” for iPhone

I made this on my iPhone yesterday, and it currently serves as my lock screen.

Feel free to download and use it appropriately.

Tell your friends and share as much as you’d like. Get the word out there that police may not search your phone without your consent or a warrant, thanks to Riley v. California.

(Wikipedia here, SCOTUS opinion here, OYEZ project link here).

While you’re at it, turn off location services.

Edit: I had a colleague point out to me that the text is obscured by the unlock dots on some Android phones. An Android version is below the fold.

2nd Edit: Ken at Popehat requested a special custom version, which is also below the fold. Use at your own risk.


Get a Warrant β€” for Android


Get a Warrant, per the request of Ken at Popehat β€” use at your own risk

6 Responses to In case it’s not perfectly clear…

  1. Reblogged this on hawglawblawg and commented:

  2. Andrew Klein says:

    Ha, love this! Just download it for my phone. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Cute, but “the cops” are smarter and better paid than you.

  4. Arlie Gordon says:

    I can’t do that on my phone. I have an old dumb phone for talking and texting.

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