I Want to Eat a Cheesesteak with Richard Marx

Today I came across an article via Marc Randazza about Richard Marx. In the article, a blogger said Richard Marx is “shameless”. Marx in turn said “say that to my face” and met the guy at a bar in Chicago.

Well, here is the thing. I want to meet Richard Marx. too! ButΒ there is the problem on my end. I actually like Richard Marx. I have nothing nasty to say about him or his music. Truth be told, I actually like Richard Marx:

I mean, lets face it. The 80s were awesome. And Richard Marx wrote the kind of manly hair ballads you wanted to put on a mix tape for the girl you had a crush on.

So let’s try this….

Richard, I dug your music in the 80s, and I still dig it today. You’re pretty cool in my book. So if you’re ever in Philadelphia, will you come have a cheesesteak with me? I’m being serious. Don’t worry, we won’t go somewhere lame like Pat’s or Geno’s, we will go somewhere delicious like Tony Luke’s or John’s Roast Pork.Β [Editor’s Note: Holy crap,Β Tony Luke lost 100lbs. Good for you, Tony! You look great.] It would be pretty awesome to have a cheesesteak with Richard Marx.

Don’t make me get 1,000,000 likes on Facebook. Let’s make this happen.

2 Responses to I Want to Eat a Cheesesteak with Richard Marx

  1. Alex Craigie says:

    Thanks for that truism: the 80s were awesome!

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