Carlos Miller: The Price of Freedom

We’ve all heard it before: “freedom isn’t free.”

That’s right, it isn’t.

Except many of our freedoms aren’t fought for on a battlefield. They are fought on the streets here in America, and then later in courtrooms. And they are fought by First Amendment warriors like Carlos Miller.

Miller has been arrested and acquitted many times, often for simply exercising his civil liberties to take pictures of things and be in public places.Β Over the weekend, Carlos put his life and liberty on the line again, and this time he was beat up by three security guards from 50 States.

Carlos’s latest ordeal has already been written about by Scott Greenfield and Marco Randazza.

But this is all you need to know about it:

Miller was fined $100 for “making loud noises” and was beat up pretty bad. I doubt he is going to pay the $100 fine and go away after this.

So the next time someone tells you “freedom isn’t free”, they’re right. Our freedoms are thanks to guys like Carlos Miller who are willing to fight for them.

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