Your Legal Marketing is Invalid.

Today we received an email from “Jane”, a marketer who claimed she was “doing some research on bloggers in the legal field” and said she “found [our] site while [she] was researching websites that may be looking for guest bloggers.”

Already I know that she is either 1) lying; or 2) really, really bad at research. I think we’ve made our position regarding third party marketing pretty clear before, and we’ve surely never expressed an interest in guest bloggers.

EitherΒ way, I’m already not inclined to hire her for anything.Β 

The offending email:

Hello Leo and Jordan,
I’ve been doing some research on bloggers in the legal field, and I found your site while I was researching websites that may be looking for guest bloggers. Β I own Media Management Services Inc, and provide inbound marketing services to professionals who own their own businesses. Β I’m always looking to expand my network in the marketing world, especially outside the Mid-West.
I’ve published several blog articles for attorneys, one of which is: ΒΒ Β and wanted to see if I could produce a piece of content or an article for your blog about inbound marketing. Or, if you’d like to exchange guest posts and also write something on our blog,ΒΒ , Β in return for an inbound link to your site, that would also be great.
IΒ am always looking for new colleagues and friends to work with on projects.
Let me know, or feel free to reach me atΒ, Β if you have any questions.
Jane W. Peters
Media Management Services Inc

A stupid request deserves a like response:

Dear Jane:

Leo M. Mulvihill, Jr.

Are marketers this hard up, or are lawyers that gullible? News at 11.

In case any other legal marketers are intensely researching our nuanced positionΒ on this matter decide to approach us with a guest blogging or link sharing “opportunity”, I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes:


2 Responses to Your Legal Marketing is Invalid.

  1. Aslan says:

    Leo, if I sent out a marketing email like Ms. Peters’ and received a response like yours, I would naturally take it as an enthusiastic yes. As in the common expression: “Yes, I am as excited as a bunny with a pancake on its head and therefore agree to your offer.” In my view, a contract has indisputably been formed between you and Ms. Peters.

    I look forward to her guest post on your blog, which I am sure will enlighten all of us as to the incalculable value of a legal marketing expert.

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