Six narcotics police transferred because even the DA doesn’t believe their testimony.

Six narcotics police transferred because even the DA doesn’t believe their testimony.

File the following statement by FOP president John Mc Nesby under “irony” or “taste of own medicine”:

John McNesby, president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5, said that the transfers were based on “unfounded accusations” by the District Attorney’s Office and that the allegations should have been investigated first.

“When you’ve got an aggressive group of officers, you’re going to have people who aren’t happy,” McNesby said. “These guys took a lot of guns off the streets, took a lot of drugs off the streets. They did a lot of good work for the city.

Right, John. Because the “good work” they do means that they should be able to run roughshod over the rights of the citizens of the city. Enforcing “the law” is paramount β€” everyone else be dammed. Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Those are for some big blue boy scout in tights.

Besides, it’s not like they ever threatened anyone’s life while in the line of duty, right?

When the officers caught up to him, Conolly said, he got out of the car with hands raised, but [the officers] threw him to the ground and choked, kicked, and punched him as he yelled for help. [Officer] Liciardello, he said, put a gun to the back of [Connolly’s] head and told him, “WeΒ areΒ the cops. If you don’t shut up, I will put a . . . bullet in your head.”

The article finishes with this gem:

McNesby has maintained the innocence of those officers.”It’s a sad day,” he said, “when you have the criminals in the city dictating where cops are going to be working.”

No, John. It’s a sad day when police feel and act like they’re above the law they’re sworn to uphold. And last I checked, it was the District Attorney’s Office that didn’t want to call these officers any longer because they’re lying liars:

According to multiple sources, the District Attorney’s Office recently informed Ramsey that prosecutors no longer wanted to call the officers to testify in drug cases. Those sources said the District Attorney’s Office had determined that the officers’ credibility was too badly damaged.

By the way, these are the officers who are no longer credible:
Transferred to the center city district:
  • Perry Betts
  • Brian Reynolds
  • Michael Spicer
  • Thomas Liciardello
  • Brian Speiser were transferred to Center City districts or the traffic unit.

Transferred to South Detectives:

  • Lt. Robert Otto

3 Responses to Six narcotics police transferred because even the DA doesn’t believe their testimony.

  1. Christopher Sawyer says:

    Just like “making up the law” as you go is not cool, neither is randomly pointing a gun and telling him you’re going to kill him like a perp does to an innocent victim is NOT a way to get Philadelphians who have a deep mistrust of the police to warm up. It definitely reinforces the Stop Snitching culture and it puts my life and yours in more danger.

    I know FOP5 has to back up everyone they can because if they don’t they lose the strength when they have to reneg their arb contract with the City, but when the City’s own lawyers who have to argue cases in the courtroom, which the police DON’T do because they’re not qualified nor it is their job to do it… tells the Chief of Police “we’re not using your employees anymore as witnesses because they suck, they’re liars (hello… you swear on the Bible when you sit next to the judge), and they’re useless”, that’s bad. McNesby shouldn’t have bothered to put out any statement at all.

  2. […] I posted about the officers whose testimony was so incredible that the DA didn’t want to call them as witnesses a…. Veteran attorney Brad Bridge of the Defender Association remarked that the officers were […]

  3. Being a victim of unfounded accusations that are spelled out in my book “Damned from Memory”, I can only attest to the jumping of the gun by the local DA’s Office. I can tell you only that to let the investigation run it’s course before damning these officers. After our investigation and subsequent “On the record” testimony by the first Assistant and other ADA’s who stated that ” β€œWhat I’m saying is that the problem I forsee is that, although I’ve taken this actionβ€”I may be wrong and they may be right. In other words, I don’t know that those officers lied in a search warrant. In fact, I may be unfairly stigmatizing them by the actions I’ve taken in these cases. I understand that. I made it on my best prosecutorial judgement.”

    Again, another Phila. Assistant District Attorney, Norman Gross, was in front of the Honorable Gary S. Glazer on September 16th, 1996 in Courtroom 1008 and stated on the record: β€œYour Honor, if your question is, does the District Attorney’s Office believe or have information to believe that Officer McLaughlin committed perjury, provable perjury in any of these cases, the answer is no.”

    He further states in the same hearing: β€œIf we have to explain every time we took action in a particular case, obviously the defense could completely stymie any POLITICAL —-Any viable prosecution by forcing us to get up there and explain our tactical decisions.”

    This is on the Record in Court Testimony. Further, after receiving a FOIA back from the EOUSA that shows me being on a Job on February 8th, 1995 when I had started the Pa OAG Narcotics Agent Academy on February 6th, 1995 and the impossibility of me being two places at once. (I have a classroom of witnesses that would testify as to my whereabouts on February 8th, 1995 including OAG Instructors) my request is to only wait out the investigation before condemning any Philadelphia Police Officer based on heresay and innuendo.

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