Never expect to get through a Commonwealth office quickly…

I went down to my local Office of Vital Records today to request copies of a death certificate for an estate I represent. I figured it had to be easier to drop into the local vital records office, pay the fee, and turn in my already-filled-out form than to pay Reed ElsevierΒ a service fee and wait the 10-15 business days. Besides, I was going to be downtown anyway to stop at the Recorder of Deeds and Criminal Justice Center for a ARD hearing for a DUI client. Might as well drop by.

Boy, was I wrong.

I got off of the El at 8th Street. I went upstairs, and walked a few blocks to the Department of Vital Records. After successfullyΒ makingΒ itΒ throughΒ security, I walked into the office.

And was met with a waiting room that probably bested the DMV’s.


I saw a sign “Please take a PINK number”. Just like the deli. So I did. “34”.

The “Now Serving” sign displayed “67”. Great. 60-some people in front of me.Β 

So I did what I should have done earlier that day. I whipped out my phone, opened up my browser, and ordered the dammed thing online. I left the Department in less than 10 minutes.

That’s the last time I go to get a record in person from the Department of Vital Records.

Today’s young lawyer pro-tip: save yourself the time and order the damn things online.

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