Free Legal-ish Advice for Young Lawyers.

Great advice from Eric D. Anderson in a comment on Lawyerist. Young lawyers take heed:

Finally, for those younger/newer attorneys riling against the old guard, just do not do it. No matter how smart or talented you may be, there is no substitute for experience. Yes, they can be rude and condescending, but keep in mind how many rude comments or emails they may have already read by the time they get to you. Do a Greenfield or Tannenbaum have all of the answers right for you? No. But they, and those like them,have seen all of the questions. Even if an older attorney’s answers do not work for you, respectfully ask how they came to those answers. There is a value in learning that process and taking that knowledge. Had I done so, I would have realized my time spent in my local pub was more important than the time I spent listening to the opinions of others on my firm logo and letterhead (The former produced 5 paying clients. The latter produced 50 opinions and no money.) So show a little respect, please.

2 Responses to Free Legal-ish Advice for Young Lawyers.

  1. says:

    I think the best way to start in a specialty is by taking a summer clerkship in it after the second year of law school. Many law firms and government agencies send recruiters to law schools to interview students in the fall semester of the second year for the following summer.

  2. Joe Carson says:

    Yes, there is no substitute for experience but there are some brilliant lawyers who are young. They must respect those whom are experienced, but at the same time they don’t deserve being belittled because of their age. They are just as powerful. I enjoy mentoring them.

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