Another conversation I’ve never had…

“Law office, Jordan speaking.” (Ha! Ha! no one knows I’m just here on my couch and this routed to my cell phone! Hey! Bad cat! Get off that client’s file!)

“Yes, my name is Jim and I’m calling from The Cool Company, where I am the General Counsel. Do you have a second to chat?”


“I read your blog post about Facebook. I gotta tell you, it was a great post. Your Twitter feed is also really awesome, and so is your LinkedIn profile. Our company also noticed that your Klout score is very high, which is important for a lawyer. So, I’ve been thinking… we are a little unhappy with our outside counsel. Would you be interested in representing us?”

“I’m sorry, I was distracted by my cat, errr… something important. Could you say that again?”

“Yes. Based on your blog post, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, and stellar Klout score, I’d like to hire your law firm to represent us.”

“Okay, but what type of wo… errr, sure! I’d love to! Thanks so much for the call!”

“The pleasure was all mine.”

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