Michael Vick, dog fighting, and why you’re probably a hypocrite if you hate the guy because “you’re so against animal cruelty”

Torturing animals for fighting = reprehensible. Torturing animals to produce mass quantities of bacon = fine, as long as I don’t think about it.

The name “Michael Vick” seems to conjure up emotions in everyone. For many, the response is “That guy killed, tortured, and mutilated dogs! He’s an awful human being! The worst in the world! How can you forgive him?! I will never root for that guy! Loser.”

You’ve seen the pictures. Mutilated pitbulls that remind you of your own dog. You’ve heard the stories about these dogs being tortured solely for entertainment. It’s awful. Michael Vick is the worst person in the world.

I hear all about it every time I leave my house wearing my Michael Vick jersey.

People, stop pretending. You don’t actually care about animal welfare.

Yes you, the gal who loves her cat or the guy who loves his dog, and thinks Vick is a monster. “What? Me? I love my pets so much, how could anyone hurt a defenseless animals? I would condone such a thing!”

You patronize the same kind of behavior every single day.

Ask yourself this…do you eat meat? (I sure do. Lots of it.) Does it come from the supermarket? Do you wear leather? Eat eggs?

If that is the case, here is a fact: your meat comes from animals that are killed, tortured, and multilated on a daily basis. On a scale far greater than anything Vick ever engaged in.

Don’t believe me? Here, see it for yourself:


This isn’t a big secret, either.

But we don’t talk about where meat, fur, or leather comes from in polite society. It’s not… good conversation. It’s a little, shall we say, unpleasant.

You’ve simply swept the reality of factory farming under a rug because it’s convenient. That steak you had for dinner? It was grown in the grocery store. Those delicious brats you ate while complaining about Michael Vick? They came from the freezer, not a pig who was castrated, tortured, and then killed. That fur coat? It came from the coat store, it wasn’t stripped off an animal while it was still alive. But why we talking this anyway, it’s such a drag… let’s focus on a guy who was mean to dogs that resembled my pet! I love my pet!

Now pass the bacon!

At least Michael Vick had to confront his victims and hear their screams. You? Nah, you don’t have to think about where your food comes from. That’s unpleasant. Meat comes from the freezer. In fact, eating factory farmed meat and not asking questions is “part of the culture”.

Sound familiar?

And although they’re cute, don’t try and play it off like dogs are special or somehow more “sentient” than your dinner. Often the meat you ate was smarter than your dog. But you like your pet because it’s cute, so hurting similar animals is criminal, while hurting tasty ones is just dandy. Dogs are often considered food in other countries.

So yes, Michael Vick abused dogs. It was bad. Real bad. But he also went to jail for it and was forced into bankruptcy. And because of what Vick did, you’ll never buy a Vick jersey or root for the Eagles. And although Michael Vick went to jail for torturing animals that resemble your pet, incarceration and financial ruin wasn’t enough to satisfy you. Since animal cruelty is just so wrong. Such actions should never be forvien… right?

Yet you are not calling for the heads of those who torture animals on a daily, continued basis, don’t go to jail – they make money. Lots of it. You’re okay with that because the result is delicious and fashionable. You’ll give them your hard earned money without question, never demanding jail time.

But Vick is the worst person in the world. Because what he did is, uh… different…

And you’re right. It is different.

Vick is convenient and easy to hate – don’t buy his jersey, don’t watch Eagles games, don’t follow him on Twitter. That doesn’t take much from you. It takes next to nothing to show your dislike for the guy.

But hating Burger King or meat from the supermarket? Those who engage in animal cruelty every single day on a mass scale? That calls for a little bit of sacrifice. It’s terribly inconvenient. It means that no, you might not be able to eat a Baconator for every meal, any time you want. It means passing on that steak from some broccoli, or wearing shoes made out of canvass. It means looking your food in the face and saying “Gee, eating this might not be the right thing to do.” It means spending a few extra dollars on humane foods.

Sacrifice kind of sucks. Refusing to buy a jersey is so much easier…

So people, let’s not kid ourselves. You like your pets and animals that resemble them, and you don’t like the thought of the people who hurt them. But don’t pretend like you don’t care about animal rights. You don’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be eating factory farmed meat.

[Update]: Leo M Mulvihill Jr “This post is moronic. There is a difference between killing for food and torture for pure sport.”

Response: there is no “need” for factory farming. Society got along fine without it up until fairly recently. The reason we condone factory farming is because it allows us to produce a whole lot of meat. Enough meat so that every man, woman, and child in the country can eat a Baconator four times a day.

It’s one thing to kill an animal and eat it. We’ve been doing that for centuries. It’s an entirely different thing to load animals into a small space, torture them, and kill them on a mass scale to ensure everyone can indulge in gluttony.

If you eat factory farmed meat while condemning Michael Vick, you are a hypocrite.

Sure, the meat in my hamburger is torture. But, uh, Michael Vick is awful! Don’t judge me, judge him!

28 Responses to Michael Vick, dog fighting, and why you’re probably a hypocrite if you hate the guy because “you’re so against animal cruelty”

  1. Matt Brown says:

    Wow. Well, tomorrow I’ll BBQ the dogs and adopt a pet sheep. I had no clue my priorities were so askew.

  2. Ancel De Lambert says:

    I have stared my food in the face. One kid for his Senior Project brought a cow he had been raising. I looked at it, petted it, and salivated thinking of all the yummy steaks. Get in mah belly!!

  3. Jeff Gamso says:

    Stalin said (and I’m paraphrasing because with the dog sitting on me and licking my glasses while I type it’s too tough to look it up and be sure I’m getting the quote right), the death of millions is a statistic. The death of one man is a tragedy.

    The factory farms are statistics. The celebrated dog-fighter is a monster. Same thing, more or less.

    Of course, I’m a happy carnivore, so what do I know. Talk to the PETA people.

  4. Alan Edmunds says:

    You do bring up a good point…in the end we’re all just hurting the animals anyways. Just one’s bein exploited by the media better.

  5. Factory farming is environmentally responsible because it requires much less land area leaving far more room for wild plants and animals. Yes, a factory farmed pig (or many thousands) may die, but now a wild bobcat now has a place to live. The same is true with modern intensive plant farming. Fertilizers and pesticides mean much less land tilled under and much more space for other species.

    An organic, free-range pork chop may make you feel better about yourself, but it probably took at least 5 times the land area to produce as a factory farm. That land would otherwise have been undeveloped and will return to nature if people stop demanding feel-good-about-myself meat products. If you wanted to be really low impact, we could just ban animal farming entirely. I’m all for that, but I prefer the anorexic chic look in my ladies over today’s more popular curvaceous booty look.

    Almost all of your state of Pennsylvania was deforested at one point for subsistance farming. Walk through the woods in the Poconos and you’ll find stone wall after stone wall deep in the forests… all of which used to be farmland.

    Personally I have no problem with you Americans eating meat or fighting dogs or encouraging obesity in your proletariat. Dog fighting seems less inhumane than American football, which guarantees cognitive issues leading to endless discussions about the ethics of dog fighting.

    Now back to my factory farmed 6 egg omelet (with fresh bobcat meat).

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow you are so ignorant for those comments. Factory farming is not more environmentally responsible. All of the waste leeches into the fresh water supply and contaminates it. Not to mention all of the pesticides and fertilizers that you meat has been injected with. You obviously didn’t watch any of those documentaries posted or you wouldn’t speak so foolishly.

  6. Rob Switzer says:

    THANK you. I’ve been saying this for a long time.

  7. Marisa says:

    I will never cheer for Michael Vick because he is an Eagle and I am a giants fan. I also don’t wear leather or fur, and only buy organic meat. I’m not sure its any better than the factory farmed stuff, but I am a carnivore and I just won’t change who I am.

  8. B.D. says:

    Just to be clear: You are equating Michael Vick with every single human being who eats meat?

  9. Alex loefler says:

    Probably the most reductive, trite argument one could make. No matter Howard times you say in this article that dog fighting is terrible, the subtext is that it’s on par with cow farms. And you’re position that meat eating is okay, this elevates the status of dog fighting. This is a baseless argument founded on a tired and weak sliding comparison so you can validate yourself when people get worked up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I do not eat meat, wear leather, or fur. I also abstain from buying products that are needlessly tested on animals, with the exception of government mandated items. So I “have permission” according to your article, to give my opinion on your Michael Prick jersey.

    Not only do I hate what he did, and the sociopath lurking within, but I also hate the direction in which our violent, meat-centric society is headed. And not because I have a utopian belief that everyone should abstain from meat, but because the can’t-take-responsibility-for-anything-slap-on-the-wrist-celebutaunts this country has reared is more frightening than the idea of forgoing a baconator…wait for it…INDEFINITELY.

    Being bothered by people and the statements they make probably gets annoying, especially when their opinions clash with yours…but aren’t you also taking advantage of your first amendment right with the words stitched on your clothing? If anyone is a hypocrite, it’s you.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t eat meat, wear leather, eat eggs or drink milk and avoid to the fullest of my abilities to avoid anything to do with animal products. To say that hanging dogs, beating them with a shovel, holding their heads underwater then digging holes and leaving them in your backyard when they don’t win a fight is okay because I eat meat and pigs suffer when they die so it’s the same thing is ridiculous! I HATE factory farming, fur farms all of that but saying that since this is the society we live in, it’s ok for someone to do because it happens anyways it the most ignorant idiotic thing I have ever heard. Just because people are getting killed in Africa doesn’t mean we can do because someone is doing it and not getting stopped, that is the worst argument to justify these actions. Just because people are getting away with violence and inhumane treatment doesn’t make it okay to let it continue in other situations. And just to be clear people buying meat in the supermarket doesn’t come close to someone training an animal to fight and then torturing and murdering them when they lose. Almost all murderers start off killing animals, not saying he is going to do that, but saying that this kind of behavior is acceptable because we eat meat is pretty damn stupid.

  12. Anonymous says:

    At the end of it all, if you created an article which says we are to blame because of the violence culture of football, I might have listened
    However, this argument is moronic and childish and has no weight because of the needs of society at a large scale vs. the desire of someone to engage in a barbaric sport which has no connection to survival. No one is betting on the livestock, it is done to provide food to the masses. Great job writing a ridiculous article in order to generate traffic, showing once again no moral fiber or honesty in anything related to lawyers as long as you can pay your law school bills by any means necessary.

    • The “NEEDS” of a society to eat meat?? Think again. You pay people to kill animals for your pleasure, not for your survival. Be honest. You hate Michael Vick because he killed for pleasure…Yet you do the VERY same thing. You are such a hypocrite.

  13. Anonymous says:

    You’re a fucking idiot

  14. Tracy says:

    You are so right. Why is this behavior legal??? It’s horrible. And worse than Vick. I’m sick.

  15. Mackerel says:

    Sure what Vick did was pretty darn heartless. But you’d also have to be a heartless person to sort through newborn baby chicks and toss the male ones into grinders (as they are unprofitable to the egg farmer). Yet whenever someone buys eggs at the super market they’re paying that person’s salary and supporting that practice. If a baby piglet is sick and the cost of vet care would make the farmer lose profit on the pig, he is legally able to bash that baby pig’s head onto the cement to kill it instead of getting it vet care.

    People only care about what Vick did because he did it to dogs, which are increasingly becoming more and more popular as replacement children for lonely people. Had he fought pigs, no one would care, despite pigs being smarter than dogs. People would have just made bacon jokes.

    Maybe if VIck would have thrown his dogs into a wood chipper and sold them as fertilizer or pet food, as what farmers do with the ground up baby chicks, it would have been more acceptable.

    Also, I love how so many Americans act like they need to eat meat for every single meal of the day or they’ll die. How many of these people have actually talked to a doctor about whether they need meat in their diet, and how much they should be eating if the doctor says it is necessary? I’m not against the concept of eating meat, I eat it once or twice a month myself, but it is ridiculous how many people act like they’ll just die or become unhealthy if they don’t eat 10 slices of bacon for breakfast every day.

    “However, this argument is moronic and childish and has no weight because of the needs of society at a large scale vs. the desire of someone to engage in a barbaric sport which has no connection to survival.”

    What if someone fights animals for income to feed their family? What if Vick killed the dogs that lost as quickly and painlessly as possible and then ate them?

    What is a better life for an animal, living your life outside in the sunshine on a moderate length tether, doing things you enjoy, even though it’s to condition you for fighting, such as biting spring poles, pulling things, and running on the treadmill, and then someday having your life end during a fight, which you might actually enjoy doing because you’re genetically hardwired to enjoy it…or living in a perpetually dark shed in a cage so small you cannot turn around in, forced to live in your own filth, and pumped full of hormones so that your paper thin bones cannot support your own body weight? You’ll also be crammed in with a bunch of other bored members of your own kind, so hopefully they won’t peck you to death out of boredom. And if you’re lucky, you’ll actually be dead/unconscious before being dipped into boiling water.

    Personally, I’d rather be a fighting dog/rooster than a chicken or pig on a factory farm.

  16. Mario says:

    Really? This insanity was actually posted? Lmao

  17. erika says:

    Dumbest shit I ever read. Dogs are more intelligent than pigs, cattle, goats, etc. I eat meat, but it is from a local farm and I know she treats them well. She also uses the most humane ways of killing the animals for meat and such. I guess a better question.. dogs have similar intelligence to that of a toddler. Had he been harming toddlers would you still feel the same? Some cultures practice cannibalism. Stupid mother fucker.

  18. Rudy says:

    I think anyone involved in torturing, killing and any type of animal fighting should be tortured till they stop breathing. You make me absolutely sick thinking that it’s cool. You’re all a seriously waste of skin

  19. nick says:

    So you’re saying what Michael Vick did was Ok? I get what you’re saying though, but Killing animals for food is one thing (the way we mostly do it today is wrong i agree, animals are tortured and it’s not right) but Michael Vick would electracute, hang, and beat dogs to deat, for pure pleasure. Believe me, he is pretty fucked. He even took the dogs from his family and killed all three of them dog fighting.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Dang there is something wrong with this world why would you wanna torture animals what did they do to you dont you care about them i bet if you were that animal you wouldnt want to be treated like that and be beaten for no reason think about what you are doing because what you are doing is wrong

  21. Kevin says:

    Lemme guess. You’re pro-abortion though.

  22. Kate Lambert says:

    Dogs have saved people lives. Cows and chickens just shit and sleep all day. You can’t compare the animals. Also, I don’t wear leather or eat meat or eggs and I still think you’re a shit person for wearing your Vick jersey. But wait-you’re going to call me a, “lib-tard” because you hate to be wrong, right?

    • Not to put too fine a point on it, but while dogs have saved people’s lives, they’ve also killed people.

      Perhaps more of one than the other, but even if there are current statistics, without historical ones it would be impossible to know for sure which has happened more. Still, I’d put money on more dogs having killed than saved.

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