How can we make the profession of law not suck so bad?

According to Scott Greenfield:

How about controlling the number of people who are given license to practice so that there aren’t tens of thousand milling about with expensive degrees and no way to support themselves. Then having the broad and niche bar associations work toward strongly advocating a culture of competence, dignityΒ and worth, educating against the sham cottage industry that “teaches” the public that lawyers are fungible, that promote blank forms over educated advice, that suggest that there is no reason to pay good money when they can get everything for free on the internet, or for cheap in the hallways.

Lawyers have put individual self-interest ahead of all else in the race to the bottom, and the profession (via collateral businesses like Avvo and grossly misguided bar associations like the ABA) has either turned a blind eye or actively accommodated the deprofessionalization so as not to appear out of touch with cool, new developments.

The trend of devaluing competent legal representation while simultaneously flooding the profession with warm bodies will be the death of lawyers. No iPad will save us.Β  And until lawyers stop eating their own and come to the realization that our viability depends on our re-establishing the dignity of the profession, nothing will change.

Wow. Can’t add much to that.

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