Federal Judge: “Sure, their employment statistics are misleading, but if you are dumb enough to enroll in Cooley Law, you deserve what you get.”

On Friday, the court dismissed the case against Thomas M. Cooley School of Law for allegedly having misleading employment statistics. The Court pretty much took the position that “Sure… Cooley’s employment statistics are misleading. But everyone knows that, so if you chose to go to a 4th tier school, that falls on you.” According to the court:

Without question, the Employment Reports are inconsistent, confusing, and inherently untrustworthy.

Sometimes hope and dreams triumph over experience and common sense. Nevertheless, it would be unreasonable for Plaintiffs to rely on two bare-bones statistics in deciding to attend a bottom-tier law school with the lowest admission standards in the country. In addition, β€œ[i]t is widely accepted that American law schools, Cooley included, employ all sorts of legerdemain to boost employment rates in a contracting legal market” (Pls.’ Resp. at 5); once again, Plaintiffs state that they had other reasons to not rely upon the Employment Reports. Furthermore, whether before or during Plaintiffs’ attendance at Cooley, it would have been unreasonable to continue to rely on the Employment Reports because of the economy’s massive downfall, which hit the legal business as hard as any.”

The bottom line is that the statistics provided by Cooley and other law schools in a format required by the ABA were so vague and incomplete as to be meaningless and could not reasonably be relied upon. But, as put in the phrase we lawyers learn early in law school– caveat emptor.

While I would be a terrible juror in one of these lawsuits, I think it should have been allowed to proceed before a jury. I don’t have a strong opinion about Cooley, other than I think they are douchebags for filing a defamation lawsuit against an anonymous blogger. According to Marc Randazza:
This lawsuit is a heinous crime against free expression. May an even worse pox than the one currently afflicting it befall that institution for turning the courts into an instrument to beat down free speech and censor the reality that everyone – including many jobless and hopeless Cooley alumni – knows to be true: Cooley sucks.

One Response to Federal Judge: “Sure, their employment statistics are misleading, but if you are dumb enough to enroll in Cooley Law, you deserve what you get.”

  1. Rob Switzer says:

    Not only are they douchebags for that lawsuit, but never forget they have their own ranking system, “Judging the Law Schools,” via which they most recently rated themselves the #2 law school in the nation, behind only Harvard. That is some of the most disingenuous, misleading bullshit I have ever seen anywhere.

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