Occupy Philly Wells Fargo 14 – Guilty of Defiant Trespass & Conspiracy

I am beyond disappointed with the verdict in Commonwealth v. Wells Fargo 14, where the defendants were found guilty of Defiant Trespass and Conspiracy to Commit Defiant Trespass.

For those of you who were lucky enough to sit on and see the trial, you understand when I say that the testimony in the case was some of the most moving words I’ve heard in a long time. These guys have passion, fire, and a resolve to fight injustice that I see rarely these days. I am honored to have helped represent them alongside some ofΒ theΒ finest civil rights and defenseΒ attorneysΒ in the city.

I’m glad that this case was soΒ integralΒ and important to protect the safety of the citizens of Philadelphia that the DA took the time to get the charges right in their press release.

In case it gets corrected in the meantime, here’s the full text below:

Guilty Verdicts for β€œOccupy Wells Fargo” defendants


June 13, 2012, Β Commonwealth v. β€œOccupy Wells Fargo” defendants:Β Gina Apuzzo, Michael Blas, Anthony Abata, Larry Swetman, Alan Sable, Keil Troisi, Aaron Troisi, Dustin Slaughter, Willard Johnson, Justin Audia, Justin Murphy and Adam Hill were all found guilty of Disorderly Conduct and Conspiracy charges today. On November 18, 2011, a large group of protesters gathered at the 17th and Market Street branch of Wells Fargo Bank. These 12 protesters entered the bank lobby, sat down, linked arms, chanted and kept customers from accessing the bank. Despite being allowed to protest for over an hour, these individuals refused to leave, requiring multiple police officers to separate and detain them, all as the crowd chanted β€œshame” at the officers. The Honorable Marsha NiefieldΒ fined all twelve defendants each $500. This case was successfully prosecuted by Stacy Hughes of the Central Division Bureau.

I understand the appeal was filed this morning. I can’t wait.

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