No, Showmark Media, I Do Not Want Your Plaque

One of the things I hate about Mondays is they usually begin with a million emails. Today I woke up to find this email in my box:

Hmmmm. Yes, it’s true, I was selected as a 2012 “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers this year. However, I’m not aware of anyone saying I’m a “Top Young Attorney”. And I don’t think that Showmark Media is in any way affiliated with Super Lawyers, either. So while I’m flattered that Showmark Media, whoever they are, thinks I’m a “Top Young Attorney”, I’m not interested in buying their plaque.Β So I ignored the email.

Then at 9:22am I received this email:

Mr. A. Jordan Rushie,

Just following up to see if you would like to order your plaque?
To continue and complete your order, please click the link below.


Jennifer Gray
Account Manager

Then at 9:54am I received this email again:

Mr. A. Jordan Rushie,

Just following up to see if you would like to order your plaque?
To continue and complete your order, please click the link below.


Jennifer Gray
Account Manager

Finally, I decided to reply:

Dear Jennifer:

Is it really necessary to send me three emails in the course of three hours? I received an email from you at 6:51am, another at 9:22am, and then this email at 9:45am.

Pardon my candor, but chill out…

Sent from my iPad

At 10:42am, Jennifer replies:

I’m so sorry for that. If you wish to order the plaque I can give you $20 off. Please add PC20 discount code when ordering the plaque.



Then at 10:54am, about ten minutes later, I get the following email:

Mr. A. Jordan Rushie,

Just following up to see if you would like to order your plaque?
To continue and complete your order, please click the link below.


Jennifer Gray
Account Manager

So now I’m kind of salty…

Dear Jennifer:

Amazingly, I received a 5th email from you today at 10:54am asking me to buy the plaque.

This is a total of 5 emails I have received today. Is that necessary? I don’t know how you got my email address or, more importantly, why you thought it would be okay to contact me 5 times in one day asking about a plaque.

To answer your question, let me be clear — no, I don’t want the plaque.Β I can only assume your unsolicited email was in response to my selection as a 2012 Super Lawyers Rising Star. Given that’s the case,Β I don’t think it’s fair, or even ethical, to hang something in my office that says I’m a “Top Young Attorney.” No entity has ever determined that I am a “top young attorney”, except maybe my wife who thinks I’m really cool, and my cats because I feed them.

I hope you understand.

So in case you don’t get it, Showmark Media, I do not want your plaque. You can stop emailing me. Thank you.

It’s okay. I still think you’re the coolest!

24 Responses to No, Showmark Media, I Do Not Want Your Plaque

  1. DJ Charlie says:

    You’re the coolest lawyer I know! Not as cool as me, but still…

  2. I’ll take the plaque. I’ll scratch out your name and write in my own.

  3. Alyson says:

    I am happy to hear that I am not the only person being spammed by Showmark. By the way, love your “blod not endorsed” disclaimer. Yes, sad to say I read it.

  4. Dan Duyser says:

    Just received a similar email from Showmark. They want me to buy a plaque that represents our parent company’s accolades as published in Fortune. A quick Google search brought me upon your page. Do I dare unsubscribe or will that simply pull me into the endless black hole of additional spam?

  5. Moon Mullins says:

    Thanks for the discount code! It worked to get a discount on the plaque. Sorry they bothered you so much, I will use the $20 elsewhere in your honor.

  6. Showmark is absolutely annoying and their customer service is non-existent!

  7. Allie G says:

    thanks for the discount code! i started typing in more numbers and received $35 off. woohoo. *** not my decision to purchase these plaques…just following orders from the boss.

  8. I agree that the writing on the plaque is a bit odd. I got the offer, but at least it matches the Top Rising Star description from SuperLawyers. I’ll try the code – maybe it will still work?

  9. Doug Limbach says:

    I just received a similar plaque offer from Showmark for allegedly being “recognized as A Top Lawyer in California, as published in American Lawyer Media, June 2013.” When I inquired about exactly what ALM had published, they sent me this reply:

    Hi Mr. Limbach,

    Our apologies, we meant to send this recognition to attorneys with either the peer or client rating. According to our records, you are affiliated with one of the media sites in The ALM Network which include the network and all publications and media sources mentioned in their network but you did not have their rating which was the basis for this plaque.


    Really?!? They “inadvertently” went from me being “affiliated with an ALM media site” (whatever that means, I don’t even subscribe) to me being “recognized as a Top California Lawyer, as published in June 2013”?!?

    Po-TAY-to, Po-TA-to…. Yikes, what a scam.

    • ensee says:

      Interesting. I have kept a bunch of their solicitations and the first emails said “as published in American Lawyer Media.” The latest round say “as published in Lawyer Media.” I guess ALM already came down on them. Another fun tidbit, when doing an internet search, I found that there are lawyers who are using the “award” on their websites.

  10. I also just received this exact email and wish I had read this entry before responding to see what I have just been elected to by my peers (!!). I’ll buy this plaque right after I buy a display case full of trophies and some medals on eBay. Sheesh!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Promo Code PC30 works for $30 off. Yes, they do spam you when you are selected for an award. In this case we were proud of our accomplishment and wanted a plaque. Not an attorney, or from the same publication.

  12. Wendell says:

    Take a step back and consider you might not be as important, clever or “super” as you think you are. They are all nothing more than paid rackets, no matter how you slice it.

    But, keep patting yourself on the back for your super lawyer award. If you strain your arm, maybe you can file the lawsuit yourself. πŸ™‚

  13. Anonymous says:

    Watch out community, I just got an invite from one of their sales associates on LinkedIn… Now it’s a whole new game.

  14. Anonymous says:

    how can you get a copy of this “The Legal Network July 2013”?

  15. Ari Sauer says:

    I have decided to turn this into a drinking game. I will now start taking a shot every time I get an email from them following up with me to see if I want their plaque. I would say that I will post in a couple days to let you all know how it is going, but I have a feeling I will probably be too drunk to find this site again. πŸ™‚

  16. Frank Fanning says:

    I got the email and tried to find “the Legal Network” online. Couldn’t find it. The plaque looks impressive, but getting an award from a nonexistent publication and putting it on your wall seems a bit tacky.

  17. Derek says:

    This was a fun read. I received a similar email and decided to investigate further. All I would like to add is an excerpt from their “Privacy Policy.” It reads as follows:

    “Provisions relevant to Non U.S. users and Experts

    Showmark operates the Service and processes personal information on computer servers located in the United States. Showmark may process and store personal information on computer servers located in other jurisdictions, for back-up, redundancy and other purposes that Showmark deems necessary to the operation of the Service.
    You provide your explicit consent to the transfer of your personal information to the United States and other jurisdictions as described above and acknowledge that the laws concerning processing and storing personal information in those jurisdictions may differ from the laws of your home country.”

    “transfer of your personal information to the United States and OTHER jurisdictions.” I like how they use legal lingo for other COUNTRIES that are not bound by federal rules and regulations.


  18. Anonymous says:


    You have been harassing our CCA winners asking for them to purchase plaques and awards. You are misrepresenting yourselves and are tarnishing our brand as well as degrading the award winners.

    If you do not cease and desist from these communications, the next communication will be from our attorney.


    Renee DeLuca Dolan
    CBC magazine

    Sent from my iPad

  19. Barry says:

    Being an attorney I was very happy that I was offered a plaque and matching marquee for a reasonable price by Showmark. The quality is outstanding and I am satisfied. Most of the legal publications that offer the same products, contract the work out and charge double.
    I would not be put off if Showmark does not work with the publications directly. Many companies make plaques and this is 100% legal.
    What can I say,I like walking into my office seeing those plaques on my walls and best part is, since I am a returning customer ( 3 years now) I get a fantastic, unpublishable, price. Go for it!

  20. Lenny Isaac says:

    Exactly how does putting a plaque on your wall help you anyway? If you think it attracts clients, why are you putting it on a wall that only actual clients or soon to be actual clients would see?
    I suggest that we all print our email invitations about the plaque on something potential clients might see– such as the top of a garbage container near a train station, and give the $150 (plus shipping and handling) to someone who might really need that money such as a grievously wounded warrior, an abused woman, a homeless child.
    I’m just saying. Lenny

  21. SteveSmith says:

    There is a simple solution–I just marked my email from them as JUNK and they will never appear in my inbox again. When I empty my junk mail, it will be flushed along with all the other junk I get. But I bet they make a bunch of money selling phony vanity plaques. Degree mills selling phony degree make a mint so there is much money to be made appealing to human vanity.

  22. Garth says:


    Congratulations, your contribution to this thread has been chosen as a “Top Comment” by an independent judging house. I would like to offer you an opportunity to purchase a plaque to display your new honor.

  23. Mark says:

    Hmm … I did a web search & found this from a BetterBusinessBureau complaint –

    Complaint: 2011 SHOWMARK MEDIA, LLC, All Rights Reserved. * ******** ****** ***** **** ******** ** *****.Continues to use our name and branding to promote its products and services to our company’s award recipients. They are using our magazine name and awards recognition event names to promote trophies to our winners.Here’s a sample letter that was sent to their attention:Hello *******,As requested in the past you need to cease and desist from using our name, logo, awards presentation brands and all of our other proprietary marks to promote your own products and services. This is misrepresentation of our company and the **** awards, you are tarnishing our reputation and that of our partners.We will be reporting your company to the better business bureau and sending this information onto our attorney.Regrets****** ****** ******************************###-###-####

    Desired Settlement: Cease and desist using our name and branded services/products – and contact all of our recipients and state they have nothing to do with our firm and we did not hire them to produce trophies, plaques, etc on our behalf.

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