Very Few Things Leave Me Speechless… this did.

Я выиграл для меня! ДЛЯ МЕНЯ!

Most of you remember Crystal Cox from the “extortionists who pretend to be bloggers are not journalists” case, Obsidian Finance v. Cox. Yes, shockingly, if you Google-bomb someone’s reputation and then offer to clean it up for a fee, apparently that is not “journalism.”

Crystal Cox rose to a particular level of notariety after going after Marc Randazza‘s three year old daughter. As you might imagine, bringing a three year old child into the mix didn’t play well.

This week, Crystal Cox filed objections and a declaration in support of her objections to Obsidian’s request to place her domain names in receivership.

Very few things leave me speechless. This takes the cake. Or keylime pie or whatever.

In her objections, Crystal Cox states the REAL reason everyone is criticizing her: the Russian Mafia. I wish I was joking, but I’m not. According to Crystal Cox:

Marc Randazza is a threat to Defendant life and livlihood and has launched an online campaign of hate and threats of violence. Defendant is in fear of her life over the actions of Marc Randazza and his threats, and connections to a ring of bloggers and stalkers…

Marc Randazza is alleged to have mafai ties and this is a very real threat to the life of Crystal Cox.

This is very real, I also believe that Plaintiff has ties to Russian Mafia and feel that my life is in constant danger and I am under constant duress and harassment from Plaintiff’s Attorney David Aman Tonkon Torp and now also Marc Randazza, attorney working with the Plaintiff to silence me for mutual benefits and in direct violation of my Constitutional Rights.

Full disclosure: I have never seen Marc Randazza actually wearing mafai ties. Word on the street is he normally shows up to court dressed in leather, whips and chains. Allegedly. In my opinion. Don’t sue me bro…

Oh, and Cox says federal judge Marco Hernandez is in on the Russian Mafia conspiracy, too:

This hate campaign came from Judge Marco Hernandez accusing Defendant of a Crime in a motion to deny a new trial which set off hate, bullying and rage. Obsidian V. Cox was a Civil Trial, and Judge Hernandez violated my rights in selective prosecution accusing me of criminal activity in a civil court document. I was given no equal rights under the law.

Judge Marco Hernandez has Conspired with Senators past and present, Attorneys, Law Firms, and more to protect Oregon Corruption. Judge Hernandez has been made aware of possible Jury Tampering and fails to look into the matter in order to protect Perkins Coie Law Firm andothers.

Hey now. Normally it’s a bad idea to attack a judge who is making decisions in your case. But Cox recognizes this, apparently:

I know that Judge Hernandez will not rule fairly in my case, however I am still stating this for the record and plan to file complaints to higher courts and judicial authorities

Oh and she was pressured into perjury:

it is unlawful to have pressured me to commit perjury in the attached settlement communication between Crystal Cox, me, Opposing Counsel in My Pro Se Capacity and David Aman, Attorney for Plaintiff.

Alrighty then….

So Cox is now coming after everyone… including the judge…

I, in my Pro Se Capacity am filing complaints with the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Attorney General, Government Oversight and Transparency Authorities, the FCC, the Oregon Judicial Committee, the Oregon DOJ, the Oregon Attorney General, and filing Criminal Complaints as well as I am suing Judge Marco Hernandez, outside of the Judicial Immunity Laws and via my legal rights.

The Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act – FSIA applies to this as well. I am also filing a JudicialComplaint against Judge Hernandez for acting outside of his Judicial Capacity or Jurisdiction within his own personal capacity – and suing under US 42 1983 – using FSIA on Prosecution in Federal Court .

I’m sure attorneys are lining up to take this one on a contingent fee basis.

Given the severity of these allegations, I asked Marc Randazza for a comment. He emailed me back: “Я должен порвать с тобой.”

30 Responses to Very Few Things Leave Me Speechless… this did.

  1. Ken says:

    “Word on the street is he normally shows up to court dressed in leather, whips and chains.”

    Two words: assless chaps.


    • Leo M. Mulvihill, Jr. says:

      You know, I need to add a few mafai ties to my collection. I fear it’s too biased towards Brooks Brothers…

  3. markwbennett says:

    Form over substance: regardless of the style of the document, the court should treat it as an emergency motion for commitment.

    • In other words
      Кристалл Кокс является сумасшедшим

      and that exact incapax defense is what I was worried about, though I still say she is doing it intentionally,

      • Ya Kind of Goes along with Bat Shit Crazy Lesbian Conspiracy Theorist.. oh and don’t forget.. Unhinged Blogger .. I love that One.. then again there is always READING the Documents and that ahhh HA.. moment where you realize I was telling the Truth, the story the victims were experiencing .. all along and for Free.. because I am Saint Crystal.. the Shining Light in the Shit Pile of Corruption so many of you love to waller in..

      • tgt says:

        Can anyone give me any tips on wallering? I have drywall, plaster, and bricks, but I don’t know which material is best.

  4. What has FSIA got to do with any of this and in conjunction with 42 USC § 1983 ???

    Oh let us guess, she wants to prove that the Judge is a lizard alien controlled by the illuminati with ties to the Moskva MAFAI and needs to sue an Alien nation for the allegation of rights being deprived.

    We think a certain Ms Foster has been whispering weird things to Crystals voices again!

    • mmmm.. I wish.. She certainly is Hot.. Unfortunately no Monica Foster whispers, but a gal can dream.. anyway I actually have many attorneys, scholars, and supporters emailing me on all this with all kinds of juicy tips.. One day you will understand why FSIA and why … why.. why… but you will have to learn to read the documents of evidence.. so brush up ..

  5. Crystal cox victims group says:

    This is a very good article Komrad!!

    The Russian Mafia thing is new, but its the same routine her paranoid delusional mind has developed to accuse a dozen others, including me. Anyone who stands up to her and tells her to shove it eventually is accused of trying to kill her. Even if she has to pull out her other schitzo personality and start posting lies and crap in her victims name, so she can accuse them of whatever she wants, she eventually is in threat of something.

    Simple answer, if any one of her many victims wanted her gone, she would have been a long time ago…. Personally Im enjoying the show.

    We have a saying here in Montana, 3S it.

  6. For those of you who do not know, 3S means Shoot Shovel and Shut up and Crystal Cox Victims Group is Sean Boushie at work at the University of Montana… threatening my life Again.

  7. Do your Homework Boys, the TRUTH is easy for those who can Read. Goddess Bless you All. May the Light Prevail over the Dark, and may the Victims I Fight for Be Heard. In Jesus Name, and in the name of Love, Light and TRUTH Bless You All.

  8. You annonymoosee are a spineless, ball-less coward.. posting with NO Name.. makes you a Mirage.. Have the courage, the balls to step out from your dark hall of shame and use your real name.. ya know like I do.. Crystal Cox, the gal with the VERY Big Dick.. and Balls and to match.. .. and what’s that you say about whoring with a daughter.. WOW.. sounds like a dream come true for you perverts.. bet you all paid out the ASS .. to watch that..

  9. If Crystal Cox the got riled up and peeved at what annonymoosee just typed.. Wonder if her head might explode now that she has been placed on a diet.. A domain name portfolio diet that is.

    Woop Woop Woop Woop

    • Really, your Proud that a Jessica Griffin at Godaddy, Illegally stole a domain name out of someone’s account, WOW. That name was STOLEN flat out by Mr. X and your condoning that. WOW. the NR name, I deleted long ago Einstein, and the other one.. well Mr X Stole the Name, after getting Jessica Griffin to change the whois Data then getting Godaddy to transfer the name away from the Legal Owner. No WIPO, no legal battle just Above the Law theft. Godaddy has no record of the registered owner logging in. This will be the most public, high profile Domain Name theft ever, as Domain Name Name attorney, allegedly a Domainers best buddy, gets a Godaddy worker bee to change the WhoIS to STEAL a Domain Name and you are proud of that.. WOW..

      And if you had read the declaration above you would see I already lost ALL of my Domain Names to Debt… I will still be reporting on YouTube, PR Sites, Free Sites and in Court Complaints.. so no worries and domain portfolio diet.. odd name to call theft.. Folks, Mr. X stole that Domain Name from it’s rightful Owner Monica Foster, and Mr. X got godaddy to commit a crime for him. This will not go quietly, stay tuned as the Porn Industry gets all riled up over this one..

      • Was this ‘theft’ before or after you transferred names to other individuals (, who’s names are also part of public whois records)?

        Please enlighten us since they are classified as assets aren’t they? So you wouldn’t be able to transfer them to others without the receivers permission? hmmm? Or would you rather take the, what is it called In the USA? Oh yes the 5th!

        And stating that “gets a Godaddy worker bee to change the WhoIS to STEAL a Domain Name” is not only self evident proof of your lack of technical knowledge about DNS records it also could be classified as a very serious allegation leading to… what was that court case about you just lost?

        No matter, your typed words speak volumes and Jordan doesn’t need this type of debate within this type of forum. Keep watch on the mail since I would gather you might find other nice pieces of correspondence soon from other organisations asking for your attendance.

      • HayesHartman says:

        So what does it take for me to get on your hit list Crystal? It is stuff like this that makes me want to be a lawyer.

    • So Ya Good News, Mr. X is above the Law and will beat up guys who take pics of his gal, and will steal whatever he wants. . .. NO LAWS Apply to Mr. X. So Proud you All should be, til it is your Domain Name Stolen by Godaddy and Mr. X.

    • It is sorta funny for someone to engage in a fraudulent conveyance and then to complain that her accomplice was “stolen from.”

  10. Jess says:

    Is it just me or has no one else picked up on an interesting comment in the latest Declaration document posted on the Philly Law Blog. The comment on page 1 states “David Aman demands information regarding mySearch Engine Management business, of which I have made approx. $2500 in 6 years.”

    Yet on Ms. Cox’s own blog dishing Randazza as well as other posts she says she is an expert and very good at SEO management.

    $2,500 over 6 years is not only bad it means she sucks at SEO management. So here is my question – which is the truth (1) she’s really good at it and is hiding income/assets (lying) or (2) she really sucks at it but tells everyone she’s really good at it (also lying)?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow. that encyclopedia dramatica page is written so badly. but if you look at it, it almost matches Crystal Cox’ writing style to a T. Did Crystal Cox really write the encyclopedia dramatica entry about Monica Foster?

    It seems like her M.O. don’t it?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not a psychologist, but it seems clear that Crystal Cox is mentally ill. In some twisted sort of way, she may actually believe everything she’s saying is real – or at the least that her compulsive lies are in service to some “just fight” against a “greater evil.”

      • Jess says:

        The sad thing is she actually probably stumbles across some real issues that need to be exposed. The problem is her research skills and her writing skills suck and as a result anything she blogs on loses credibility. Furthermore, she’s incapable of being objective or admitting when she is wrong. That comes from being a egotistical narciscist with a tad of delusion thrown in for good measure

  12. So, when is Randazza legal group going to come clean in regards to having an association with Mike Stack (Redgoat aka Goatsred – who I believe also runs the “crying wolf” blog of which) – a man who not only was heavily involved in Weinergate, but who also habitually stalked and terrorized an expornstar turned anti-porn activist by the name of Desi Foxx?

    Now of course Marco will play dumb on this issue, but one only has to ask the Pee Wee Herman freak he employs J. Malcolm DeVoy about this matter (ironically many public tweets reflect DeVoy assisting in the stalking and harassment of anti-porn activist Shelley Lubben).

    Randazza in my view is a dangerous man in my view with a bad temper who seems to be incapable of being honest. I am deathly afraid of Randazza considering that he appears to have mafia and organized crime ties (from what has been found via an agency researching into his history, Marco has changed his name over the years in effort to bury his past).

    In the porn arena Marco Randazza (or is it Randazzo) will be the next Michael Fattorosi being that Fattorosi has essentially been told to disappear (due to his apparent linkage to an illegal escorting and prostitution ring).

    To those who are backing Marco (and who frankly have no reason to be in Crystal Cox’s business), you might want to back off considering that certain government agencies are watching many of the people of which I’ve freely shared my knowledge on very closely.

    Have a nice day.

    • Jess says:

      Monica you’re just a troll nothing more. No one believes Cox or you and all of your made up little stories. Go ahead and try your little threats on me and everyone else here. One, I don’t believe you, Two, the government has better things to do than waste their time following up on some washed up porn star’s drunken rambilngs, Three, anyone who values free speech has every right to be in the middle of Cox’s business. If she want’s us out of it then she needs to stop trying to tell other people to shut up and she needs to learn to tell the truth. So do you by the way.

      • Xavier Flesh says:

        I guess the last laugh is on you Jess. Your speculation on these two ladies was childish at best. History has once again showed that the mighty will fall and so will you some day.

  13. we all want to know how someone can be prosecuted for trespassing on public property, and dead beats dont eliminate white house staff, or travel across the world to WORK.

  14. Anonymous says:

    All crazy

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