The Fishtown Lawyers Have a New Logo: Some Love for Beth Blinebury Design (Just Don’t Tell Scott Greenfield)

IsΒ Scott GreenfieldΒ around? No? Are you sure?

Alright, just so we’re clear, you’re ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that Greenfield’s not around, right…?

[looks around] Okay, no Greenfield… so I guess I’m cool to tell you this…

The Fishtown Lawyers have a new, updated logo. I’m unveiling such an important event here on Philly Law Blog:

It's got a trolley and some stars... holla!

You wanted the Fishtown Lawyers in red? We got that. You wanted the Fishtown Lawyers in green? Gotcha covered. Straight cash, homie.

Compare this to the former version:

If you’re interested, the trolley in the logo is a trolley that runs through Fishtown on Girard Avenue. My friend Lee named it “The Pickle.”

They see me rollin'. They hatin'.

Leo came up with the basic idea for the logo a few years ago. When we became partners in February, we had a two second discussion about it. The conversation went down like this:

Leo: “We’re going to keep the Fishtown Lawyer logo thing right?”
Jordan: “Sure man, whatever. Where did the logo come from anyway?”
Leo: “My friend made it for me.”
Jordan: “Okay. It’s pretty cool.”
Leo: “Yeah, I like it.”

It was the longest conversation we’ve ever had about branding. (except where Leo pulls me aside and says “Stop being such a jerk to people” and “stop telling our neighbors toΒ snort your taint. That isn’t funny.” Yes it is, Leo, yes it is.)

Will the new logo make us better lawyers? Nope.

Will the new logo get us any business? Nope.

Do lawyers even need logos? Absolutely not. They’re just fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

Is the new logo spiffy looking? Yup. Quite spiffy, actually.

So why am I doing a blog post about a logo?Β Haven’t we been through that?

Because the people who designed the logo,Β Beth Blinebury Design, deserve a pat on the back for their work.Β Beth and her husband AndyΒ (these wedding pics are awesome) are two local designers who have done some incredible web and graphic design work. They’re also based out of my belovedΒ Fishtown. And like me and Leo, Beth went toΒ Temple UniversityΒ and is a big fan ofΒ Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, which is one of the best things you can drink. You people should check them out.

Plus, bothΒ Beth and Andy tried my chiliΒ and lived to tell the tale. The Blineburys even kicked back with their own chili, which was also super hot. That is probably why they put the Fishtown Lawyers and the Blineburys on opposite ends of the room at theΒ FNA Chili Cookoff.

So thanks for the new logo, Beth and Andy. You guys did a great job.

PS – here are the logos we made for Greenfield, who no longer has to be jealous of our coolness:


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