Our First Post About the Buck Hosiery Fire at York & Jasper – We’re Angry.

Buck Hosiery Fire at York & Jasper

This is what we were trying to prevent.

By now, I am sure you’ve heard of the terrible fire at the old Buck Hosiery plant in which two firefighters lost their lives.

l’ve walked past this building countless times on my way to and from the York Dauphin El station and marveled at its unrealized potential. Now, instead of realizing that potential, it’s the scene of a horrific fire that’s made national newsΒ for killing two firefighters.Β 

We in the neighborhood tried to get the city to do something about this back in October, 2011. The ticket’s still there for all to see, as well as L&I’s response:

Apparently, the cost to seal the building would have been about $20,000.00, according to neighborhood sources who spoke with Licenses and Inspections.

Instead of $20,000.00 and a sealed building, we now have two dead firefighters, untold thousands in property damage to the homes and businesses around the fire, and a neighborhood outraged at the perception of bureaucracy failing us. Not to mention a hulking ruin of building that will sit undeveloped for years and only contribute to neighborhood blight.

Only a week ago,Β HiddenCity PhiladelphiaΒ wrote these unwittinglyΒ prescientΒ words about EKNA president Jeff Carpineta’s concerns:

Carpineta fears that arson might claim the building, like similar structures that have burned in recent years.

We’re angry, outraged, and we want answers.Β Let’s channel that energy into production change.

And while we fight for change, please, keep the families and friends of the fallen firefighters of Ladder 10 of Kensington & Castor in your thoughts.

Show your support.
The Philadelphia Fire Department Families Association will be selling black and red bows and Β red light bulbs in support of the Philadelphia Fire Department for $5.00 each. This money will be donated to the families and to the firehouses affected by yesterdays tragedy. Buy yours here.

We are not going to let this slide.Β This will not be the last post about this totally preventable tragedy.

Edit:Β I just got these photos showing a before and after of the scene in from the same angle in a hauntingly similar light.




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