Why We Should Eat Milkshake the Pig

This is where your bacon comes from. Sorry that makes you sad.

[WARNING: There is some graphic content in this post, the video in particular.]

Many of you know Milkshake, the adorable pig that lives on Greensgrow Farm in the neighborhood. Most of you love Milkshake, because he’s a very cute pig and generally pretty cool.

So I’m not surprised that many Fishtown residents are disturbed by the thought that Milkshake is allegedly going to be killed and eaten. People are calling out for a petition to stop this.

Apparently people don’t like knowing where their dinner comes from. That’s a little, shall we say, unpleasant…

In our culture, it’s easy to forget where meat comes from. To most of us, bacon is grown in the supermarket. It comes in aΒ convenientΒ package. It tastes delicious with eggs, and hopefully it was on sale.

Most of the meat you eat doesn’t even come from a nice farm like Greensgrow. In fact, it comes from a factory farm just like this:
(WARNING –Β contains graphic footage of animal abuse on factory farms)

Chances are, before the bacon hit your plate, it was tortured, castrated, kept in awful living conditions, and then unceremoniously slaughtered before it became bacon.

Sorry. That’s not pleasant, but it’s true.

Meat comes from a living, breathing, sentient being. So if you want to eat meat, you have to kill the being to get it. It’s just that simple.

Although we’ve sanitized what meat looks like in the supermarket, the way that it gets to your plate is not pleasant conversation.

If you choose to eat meat, like I do, enjoy eating Milkshake. At least he didn’t get the normal farm animal treatment. Nope, Milkshake was raised with love and care.

I know it makes you sad to eat him, because you saw his face, but Milkshake’s conditions were far better than most of the bacon you already eat. The only difference here is you had to see Milkshake before eating him.

Every once in awhile, we should all look our food in the face. An event like the Whole Hog should serve as a somber reminder of where our dinner comes from…

[Edit and Update: Greensgrow told a user of the Fishtown Message Board that Milkshake will not be eaten. Over my objections.]

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