Search Engine Terms of the Day – “Does Jordan’s Wife Know?” Edition.

I always enjoy perusing what search terms people use to find our site.Β 


Congrats to the happy couple. Have you picked out a name yet?Β 

Maybe you should hire a defamation lawyer?


5 Responses to Search Engine Terms of the Day – “Does Jordan’s Wife Know?” Edition.

  1. Max Kennerly says:

    From my logs, my personal favorite: “is max kennerly a crook?”

    They read more than 10 pages on my site, apparently believing that my site was the best place for unbiased, objective information about the issue.

    • shg says:

      So what was the answer, Max?

      • Max Kennerly says:


        Just for you, as a welcome back to blogging, I searched my logs for 2012 for every query with a question mark. Three observations.

        First, I remembered the query incorrectly. The full query was:

        * max kennerly, a philadelphia trial lawyer is a crook? names paterno in suit?

        Must have been a Penn State fan. For the record, I’ve never sued Joe Paterno or his estate.

        Second, the list also included these fascinating queries:

        * is it ethical for a plaintiff to inflate the amount in damages requested in order to obtain federal jurisdiction?
        * Am i civilly liable for assault if i plead guilty to improper educator student relations?
        * can you use a public defender for business lawsuits?
        * how profitable are law schools?
        * is mark zuckerberg really a dick?
        * what is witness coaching and why is this prohibited?
        * what makes an inventor? light bulb goes off

        Third, the list included a query near and dear to your heart:

        * is aol email unprofessional?

        That was searched on February 3 by someone in Ballinger, Texas. I hope they realized the answer was “yes.”

  2. Charlie says:

    Heh. Jordan Rushdie.

    The Satanic Verses, indeed.

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