I support your right to carry, but not your poor culinary choices. (Keen legal insight within).

Why yes, Charles. Yes I am. Oh my.

I got this message a few minutes ago and nearly spit up my coffee.

The Philadelphia InquirerΒ Philadelphia Daily NewsΒ picked up a story on an Open Carry dinner that’s scheduled to be held at an Applebee’s in Ridley Township.

Now, these particular guys have been active on our neighborhood message board for quite some time now, acting the part of the rabble rousers. A bit ago, they posted an open invitation for us to join them this open carry convention held at the king of restaurants.

I whole-heartedly support gun owners’ rights – including the right to open carry in Philadelphia (irrespective of the wisdom of that decision). But this venue choice is atrocious. Really, of all the great restaurants we have in the area, they choose to assemble a group of guys who feel the need to wear their holstered penises on their hip for all to see at a family restaurant whose claims to fame are 2 for $20 dinners and half-price appetizers after 9?

I posted this in response:


Who knew that my rhetorical eloquence would be picked up this morning by the Inquirer? (At least now I won’t have to let Applebee’s know how I feel on their Yelp page).

H/T @CharlesThomasΒ for letting me know about this at all.

Shame on you Applebee’s for wanting to track my location when I visited your website.

Extra kudos to Stephanie Farr for including this line: “Fiorino, who used a forum on the website for the Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association to coordinate the meet-up, said on the forum that he’s shooting for getting to the restaurant about 5:30 p.m.” Β Ah, puns.

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