Quote of the Day – From the Darkest Pit of Hell Edition.

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And you should be ashamed of yourself for even having a supporting agrument on his behalf. If this happened to your daughter I’m sure you be fucking silent right now. So if you have anymore supporting comments for this scumbag and his attorney, you should join them in the darkest pit of hell. Just saying. Prayers and thoughts for the VICTIM AND THERE FAMILY.

– Some guy on Facebook, responding to me defending a defense attorney for defending his client.

I know that guy was trying to insult me, but it really just made my day.

2 Responses to Quote of the Day – From the Darkest Pit of Hell Edition.

  1. The way I like to put it when a defendant is so unsympathetic is, Remember O.J.? I think he did it, but I also think he’s innocent. Prosecution didn’t do their job.

  2. Or rather, not guilty. I feel similarly about the Anthony case in Florida. Almost without question, the mother was culpable regarding the daughter’s death — but on the evidence they had she was 100% not guilty of first-degree murder. D.A. f*cked that one up really badly, no excuse.

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