Social Media for Lawyers is Not (Entirely) a Waste

ImageEarlier this week, I read, with a certain degree of amusement, my colleague’s post on why Social Media for Lawyers is Kind of a Waste.

I want to relay a story of my own, as a small retort.

The year was 2010. I was about to graduate from a new TTT just a mile away from Jordan’s alma mater. Like many students in my class, my job prospects were dim. Luckily, I had taken notice of the distinct lack of response to the scores of resumes I’d sent out to any firm who was hiring, and realized that I might have to start preparing a plan B.

I’d spend the previous summer interning at a District Attorney’s office and reading Jay Foonberg’s How to Start and Build a Law Practice. And for my 3L year, I had applied and was lucky enough to be accepted into my school’s clinical with the Philadelphia Defenders Association, where training I was representing clients at preliminary hearings and municipal court trials. But now, just months before graduation, I realized there were things I didn’t know I didn’t know. At the recommendation of an article online, I joined ABA’s Solosez listserve.

Inundated with hundreds of messages a day (many curiously related to hamsters or various political rants), I found it difficult to keep up with it all. Luckily, though, one post caught my eye:

Hi. I am a young lawyer in Philadelphia thinking about opening up a new practice. I look forward to talking about running a practice and learning from you all.



Ahha! Here I was also a young soon-to-be lawyer in Philadelphia, and another young buck was right here thinking the same thing as me! In the same city! I had to learn more.

Dear Jordan:

I am a soon-to-be graduate of law school also in Phialdelphia. Where in the city are you?

Truly Yours,


To which I received a response:


I am in the Fishtown section of the city.


And I responded:

No shit! Me too! Let’s get a drink!

In the series of emails that followed, I found out that Jordan and I lived on the same street, two blocks from each other, we both enjoyed the same beers, and frequented the same bars.

Now, two years later, we’re beginning a new law venture together, thanks to “social media”.

So while I agree that a lawyer may not need an iPadvideos on the firm site, or an exciting twitter account to bring in business, social media can be a valuable tool to introduce yourself to people you might not otherwise have met.

Who knows what could happen as a result?

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2 Responses to Social Media for Lawyers is Not (Entirely) a Waste

  1. Max Kennerly says:

    Social media, they say, is all about making connections. Once, I wrote a blog post about a story a bunch of other legal bloggers were writing about and, wouldn’t you know it, we all got sued.

    I ended up in touch with some of them and it turned out we had something in common: we mutually disliked each other. Not as much as we all disliked the plaintiff, of course, but enough to part on hostile terms.

    It felt like we really made a connection. Since then, I haven’t referred them anything and they haven’t referred anything to me. The plaintiff’s behavior has become increasingly bizarre and Quixotic, and so I’m sure that we’re all sharing a laugh at his expense — another connection!

  2. Leo M. Mulvihill, Jr. says:

    Describing a certain plaintiff as “Quixotic” is an offense to Miguel de Cervantes and the character from whom the term stems.

    Quixote merely charged a windmill with his companion, Sancho.

    A certain plaintiff would also have sued it for personal injury & emotional distress, and tried join the wind as an additional defendant. Against both, he’d invent a new cause of action – the Prima Facie Tort of Breezebullying. When Sancho didn’t help him with these silly actions, he’d try to sue him too.

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