Shut Down? has been shut down by the Feds.

… but how is the Internet supposed to get its porn and latest episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Breaking Bad?

Well, at least I know what to do if caught.

EDIT [20 Jan 2012,  10.40a]: Westlaw Insider has a nice look at the indictment and what it means. “The specific criminal charges in the indictment are two different counts of copyright infringement and three other related conspiracy charges: conspiracy to commit racketeering, to commit money laundering, and to commit copyright infringement.”

Note: I am not supporting internet piracy by any means. But the manner in which the feds simply pulled the plug and seized the assets of its alleged owners seems a bit dubious. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily follow that one supports an underlying alleged criminal enterprise simply because one supports due process rights. 

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