Lawsuit filed against Eulogy, Khyber Pass, Paradigm Restaurant, Field House, and Lucy’s Hat Shop in connection with shooting of Villanova student

Gerald Ung (left), Eddie DiDonato, Jr. (right). Photo from Above the Law

Above the Law is reporting that a lawsuit has been filed against Eulogy Belgian Tavern, Khyber Pass Pub, Paradigm Restaurant & Bar, Field House Sports Bar, and Lucy’s Hat Shop in connection with the shooting of  Eddie DiDonato Jr., a former lacrosse player at Villanova and the son of a partner at Fox Rothschild.

The shooting was initially notable because the shooter, Gerald Ung, was a law student at Temple. This was perhaps the first reported incident of Temple on Villanova violence, other than the annual Mayor’s Cup (considering that both are my alma mater, I’m not sure where that leaves me.).  According to Above the Law, Mr. DiDonato was shot six times and now suffers from partial paralysis of his lower extremities.

Ung was criminally charged for the shooting. However, the jury found Mr. Ung acted in self defense and acquitted him.

The lawsuit against the bars alleges that Mr. Ung was visibility intoxicated, but the bars continued to serve him alcohol in violation of Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop Act. The suit further alleges that the bars did not have adequate training programs and operating procedures in place at the time of the shooting. Above the Law has archived the Complaint here

The suit was probably filed against the bars because Mr. Ung does not have enough money to compensate Mr. DiDonato for his injuries. Instead, Mr. DiDonato will pursue the bars, who will almost certainly have insurance policies or sufficient assets to compensate him.  

Mr. DiDonato is represented by Robert Mongeluzzi, a well known Philadelphia plaintiffs’ attorney with a reputation for winning large verdicts. (not to make his head swell).  

I’m not going to comment on the merits of the suit, but I will say that all of those bars are fine watering holes if you’re willing to brave Old City.  I prefer to stay in Fishtown or Northern Liberties.  

Update:  Max Kennerly wrote a very interesting and detailed piece about this incident.  

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