This blog is run Jordan Rushie  and Leo Mulvihill, two lawyers in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Leo and Jordan are partners at Mulvihill & Rushie LLC, better known as “The Fishtown Lawyers.”

We like to eat local food and drink local beer. You’ll likely find us out and about in the neighborhood - whether at a neighborhood meeting, at the many pubs and restaurants, or walking to the El.

Find us on Twitter – Jordan @jrushie, and Leo @fishtownlawyer.

We invite questions, comments, or anything else that isn’t spam.

3 Responses to About

  1. Wanda says:

    Hello there, wondering if the phila parking regulations are available anywhere online or if I have to have access to a legal database to get information. The link you posted from the scooter story is not active and traces to amlegal which I assume is a db. Can you help?

  2. Hello Guys, I accept you terms of service and look forward to commenting on your blog. I got here from Fight Copyright Trolls as I find, albeit personal, this phenomenon evolving exponentially throughout the Federal Court System utterly fascinating. Copyright Trolls must be an embarrassment to all ethical lawyers. :)

  3. Lisamarie says:

    That’s so funny that Jordan’s wife looks just like Katy Perry.

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